Book Presentation in written format

Note: This is in a written format in the manner I speak.

  1. Presentation – Introduction
  2. Presentation – Book Arrangement (30sec)
  3. Presentation – Knowledge of Book(1.5min)
  4. Presentation – Example of Knowledge
  5. Presentation – Afterword


1. Presentation – Introduction:

This is a book written by Omid Mankoo. It is the solution manual to sexual addiction. Many are focused on sex with different intensities….some high …some low…and they don’t realize that various sexual programs and presentations use mind manipulation techniques to attract and strongly impact the mind. So, the book:

  • reveals the mind manipulation techniques
  • explains how the mind works (& how and why the techniques affect the mind)
  • details what are the methods to free the mind from these cunning deceptions

Previous to me mentioning the manipulations, these deceptions remain invisible. Once I describe one manipulation the mind opens up and the viewer starts identifying numerous techniques used while watching manipulative sexual presentations.


2. Presentation – Book Arrangement (30 sec):

The whole book is composed of 242 Insights , which are very short compact sentences or paragraphs. They are compact so with a little reading you get a rich burst of knowledge.

Once you read an INSIGHT, go onto reading the next insight. There is no reason to read the explanation that follows the insights, unless you need further clarification. So the whole book can be read quite fast, even though it is recommended to read it slow.

Each insight is also represented by a corresponding pictorial (a representation containing keywords and pictures) at the rear of the book, so that you can easily review what you have read.

The book deals with rich information, not fluff, so by INSIGHT 9 you’re already in the thick of the book.

Here is example of INSIGHT 1 (read just the insight which appears in bold then continue reading here) This insight is telling us, how when we are kids, parents are shy to tell us about sex. So they say little or nothing about sex, which leaves us totally unprepared. We get misinformation through our friends or through various sexual presentations, and it makes such a strong impact on us, that we feel it must be true. Thus, that early misinformation becomes the foundation of what we think sex is about. We make incorrect information to be our foundation of our sexual understanding. So our learning process is misguided from the very beginning. >


3. Presentation – Knowledge of Book (1.5 min)

The majority of the knowledge in the book is based on contrasts..such as black and white, inside out, up and down. So, if I take a white pen and write on a white background it leaves no impression on the paper and no impression on the mind. As soon as I introduce black (ink) on white (paper) there is a duality… a contrast…therefore it registers in the mind. It makes a small impact, It say’s I am here.

Now, it could be like the letter “I” or like the letter “S”. The Letter “I” which is a simple straight line, so it is a colour contrast of black against the white. The letter “S” is made up of two contrasting shapes of concave and convex ‘(‘ + ‘)’ . so when you see the letter “S” both the colour makes an impression on your mind as well as its shape of inside and out. Other things that make an impression / impact on the mind are patterns, like patterns on dresses… textures, as in texture of one material differs to the texture of another, and the list goes on. In fact there are infinite number of contrasts available in life for the mind to be engaged in and to be impacted by.

When a person is watching a manipulative sexual presentation, his mind is bombarded purposefully with innumerable contrasts coming to him multi-layered, inter-twined, and all of them more or less happening at the same time. Thus his mind is tremendously effected and impacted by the data as a whole.

He is conscious of only a few items. He says: “Yes, I know. She is wearing red, and she is showing me her breasts, so this is attracting me” But, he is not conscious of numerous other contrasts impacting his mind, and he cannot be conscious of them, because his conscious mind is overwhelmed by the numerous contrasts that he is bombarded with, which are impacting him more-or-less at the same time. Thus the strong attraction he mysteriously feels pulling him towards the screen he mistakenly attributes to instinct and just natural sexual attraction. However it is because each element of these contrasts act together to deliver the severe impact which is felt on the whole as a powerful sexual attraction.


4. Presentation – Example of Knowledge:

So in some sexual presentations they use the genitals of a person interacting with the head of another person. This is impactful to many people’s minds. why? There are many reasons, but one reason is that:

In many cultures the genitals are considered to be low, dirty, shameful, ..hide that thing ….. and the head is considered to be the most noble aspect of the person. So we have two dramatically contrasting ideas…SHAME…&…NOBILITY. When brought together, the contrasting ideas that each represent make a severe impact on the mind. Combine this impact with sex, then the viewer experiences a powerful sexual experience. This is similar to a person who tastes sweet tea, and mistakenly thinks that the tea is sweet. because sugar is added to tea. The sugar is in the tea but the sugar is not the tea. Chocolate is not sweet. Sugar is added, and the person eating chocolate mistakenly thinks that the chocolate he is eating is sweet. He is actually tasting sugar and chocolate at the same time. Thus the same is true with a powerful mind gripping reality like the two contrasts of Nobility & Shame which deliver the IMPACT to the mind.


5. Presentation – Afterword:

This is only one element which I have shown, but numerous contrasts are used. I have shown you this for you to see that the knowledge in the book is profound, potent, accurate, insightful and practical. There is much more to the knowledge than what I have shared. Specifically,

  1. you need to be able to identify most or all the manipulations,
  2. understand how the mind works,
  3. understand why the mind is affected by them
  4. understand how to cut these influences upon the mind
  5. understand how to nullify them and to know
  6. how to practice it until perfection.

So please do not think that you can get over sexual fixations merely by knowing the one example that I have shared. Remember the name of the book “Open To Bliss” and tell others about it, because this is a huge problem that people of every social economic status around the world are facing. People need to know about the solution. Purchase the book yourself if you really want to get your hands on the solution and get over sexual fixations. This is important for you and your partner. If you are a parent it is important for your children to have access to this freeing information. If you are single you need this book to get over sexual fixations, which will help you to interact with others in a more relaxed and confident manner. If you are married you need this information to help your partner get over their fixations. If you have friends who are troubled with fixations, this is important for you to refer the book to them. SINCE THIS PROBLEM IS OFTEN HIDDEN QUITE WELL, BY MANY PEOPLE, IT IS BEST TO MENTION THIS BOOK AND THE KNOWLEDGE IN IT TO ANYONE YOU KNOW. The odds are that they have the problem.

(Additional helpful info. for those who have chosen to give the presentation to a few people)

Here is the video that goes along with the notes on that page: (Fast-forward the video to 1:56 if you want to skip my intro to the video)


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