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Why would I want to solve sexual fixation?

  • What you consider to be natural and instinctive powerful sexual attraction is a combination of natural and unnatural factors including artificial mind manipulations which are the major reason behind the powerful jolt-of-an-impact you feel when you watch various sexual presentations. So your motivation would be to have a real experience instead of being manipulated by lies and clever deceptions to experience an artificially created mental high which you consider to be real. your motivation would be to BE IN-CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE to be IN-CONTROL OF YOUR SEXUAL NATURE…to feel complete ease when you talk to either gender.

Are you against having sex?

  • Sexual interaction is what makes life possible. It is something wholesome, proper, life-giving, and precious. I am in favour of people being responsible with and when they choose to interact sexually with each other. there is the responsibility, respect, love and genuine caring . many factors have to be considered. For example a person who has sex with a woman and leaves her for her alone to raise the child. this is obviously a life of hardship for the woman. the woman would have to raise the child on her own, and work on her own. what becomes of her life? Where is her fun life? Oh man! consider what you engage in, and the consequences thereof.

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12 thoughts on “FAQs & Q/A:”

  1. Hi, Thanks for ur answer. Can you write more to me at ……(address withheld for privacy)….. It felt nice to read ur reply. I think he is not gay its just a phase and he is just exploring it may be. But then why see so much online, don’t get that part?


  2. ok
    will you permit me to post this question annonmously on my website so many people could benefit?
    its vital that we each do our part in educating the masses. so please tell other when you understand the information.

    the reason he is needing to see so much, is because the grip the sexual presentations have on his mind. they know how to attract, the mind, capture it and impact it, giving the person a mental high, which because of the subject matter he experiences as a sexual high. they are playing with his mind. I would advise you to get the book for a proper understanding. because i cannot go into exact detail as i have done so carefully in the book, to describe in detail how this attraction occurs, and the tricks being used, and the rest of it.

    However if you have the book, i will ask you some simple questions about the book, upon giving me the correct answer, i will directly answer you


    1. Hi Hope,

      Thanks. Yes you can post my question on your website, its ok. I am willing to help others by telling my experience. Can I find your book in the library?

      let me know,
      (name withheld)


      1. Thanks for approving of the posting of your question.
        so you can visit the site and continue talking with me there (which is this actually this site)

        what i meant by you having the book, i meant that if you purchase the book. that way I am being supported, which enables me to support you. I only get a 10% of the price of the book. the best way to be supportive is to purchase the book through the publisher. that way i get 25% of the price for the book. In addition to getting the book, I would ask you on your own make the effort to speak to two people about the existence of this book at variuos times that you are online, and giving them the website address https://sagehope.wordpress.com and if you like you could tell a bit of your experience of the book, and or any progress you see with your husband. of course discreetly. you can always say you have your friend who is using it for her husband, in that way your husband is in the clear. this way his privacy is respected. Even though the book itself is powerfully sufficient as a teaching tool to get people over fixations, personal guidance has its advantages as well. You telling people about it will help support me, which helps support everyone you get to reach.

        I am ultimately trying to help a lot of people. and your help would be appreciated. I am willing to help you individually as well.

        Whoever is going to use the book, really needs to have it in their posession, because they will have to make constant reference to it to perfect their understanding of what is said. They need to use it on a daily basis for years. There are many steps to overcoming the fixation, therefore i recommend highly that you actually get the book, and if its too expensive for you, save up for it. if you get it from the library, three to five weeks of borrowing it is nothing, time-wise, to have this book. plus, believe me you don’t want to borrow this type of book, because more than likely you know where this book has been. One needs this book for years, because the influences that a person needs to discover affecting him in his thinking is numerous. and it takes a while to discover all of them. if you decide to save up for it say you decide to save $3 a week. so in 10 weeks, which is 2.5 months you would have saved enough for the book. instead of buying pizza $15 costing one time. save the money and have something else. do this twice and you have the money for the book. if you decide to get it from the website xlibris, they give you a discount which when added o price of shipping comes out close to its actual price.


  3. I know I am worrying too much. Its just feels since last 2 yrs that why is being like this, I feel he is not the same but then at some times I feel I am thinking too much, so confused. thanks for ur answers though, they help me.
    ya that’s what I will do go to a book store and get it. what’s the name?
    ya I know I hope he knows what he is doing or want to do.


  4. Yes, I understand the years you have been ealing with this leaves its ipact upon your mind, similarly you can understand the years that he has been under tremendous sexual misinformation & manipulation that he has had to deal with has left a gargantuan impact upon his mind as well.

    The books name is: “Open to Bliss”
    Author: “Omid Mankoo”
    full title is: “open to bliss sage hope’s 1st gift to humanity the definitive & complete solution manual to sexual attraction & addiction”

    if the salesman is attempting to read the whole title, just stop him or her and say “yep, that’s it by Omid Mankoo”

    Also, if a bookstore should not be able to get it, ask another bookstore. Often Bookstore employees make the mistake of thinking the book is unavailable, because they see that they have no copy in stock from where they order from. it i sa publish-on-demand book. that means bookstores can order the book, and the publisher will print one book and send itto the bookstore for you to pick up. anyhow , by for now.


  5. “Ya I will get it soon …” was replied by Woman Asking about my Husband the rest of the replay and more of her communications will remain private and not posted, because I am working with her to help her husband.


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