Sage Hope has researched and reached conclusive results in three areas of life

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There are even many wealthy people with mansions who have this terrible problem of lust ruining their lives. They know of no solution. I HAVE THE SOLUTION. I can maintain myself without a home, Their lives are important to me. Since I know what is involved in various sexual presentations I knew that they had no chance against it without my knowledge. So I had to try to get the information to them.

Because of the EMERGENCY of so many people’s relationships, jobs and lives being in jeopardy, Omid dedicated himself to spreading this solution far and wide, thinking that the message will be picked up by the media and reach people who need it.

Omid was on the web talking to people, on the streets, by email contacting all English speaking radio and television stations in USA and UK and all English speaking newspapers, magazines and periodicals in USA and UK.

I also contacted many relevant celebrities thinking they might be of help and could use the information as well as get onboard and share it with others.

Omid even became homeless, and tried to keep himself mentally and physically maintained even while continuing in his efforts to spread the message. I thought to myself:

How can I go on to gain money for myself and to establish myself financially when people are in a seriously desperate situation of

  • Jeopardising their relationships
  • Separating from their wife and kids
  • Questioning their sexuality
  • Questioning their willpower
  • Questioning their self-worth,
  • Jeopardising their jobs
  • Battling within themselves
  • Committing suicide, etc.

and I and no one else has the solution which they seek and need.

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47 thoughts on “Sh…”

  1. This is one of the most arrogant undertakings I have seen in book form. A complete and definitive solution to sexual attraction? Really? You may well have some good things to say, but you present it as the end-all solution. If the book is written by the same author as wrote this website, I truly hope there was a good editor, since English grammar and correct word usage are simply lacking.


    1. It is important for you to know that I respect you.

      Knowledge is sought by those who see the possibility of knowledge existing.
      Those who do not see the possibility of answers, close themselves off to knowledge.

      I am the writer, and editor of the book. I have also written this website.

      I am aware of people who are generally negative, I am addressing this page to the wise, to those with open minds, non-judgmental, those with intelligence free from biases and prejudices, the free thinkers, and the visionaries of the world. these are the people who can understand the message, and reap its rewards, and help spread the word, in an effort to educate others, to free themselves.


    2. To Alan,
      Give the author a little bit of leeway regarding the grammar !
      By the way, it is a book on Sexual Addiction , not “A complete and definitive solution to sexual attraction” .


  2. I have no argument with Sagehope’s propositions. I have no criticism for imperfect English. If we want rise above our own issues and limitations, choosing a path of tolerance and understanding is essential.

    In my struggle with sexual temptation, I find the Bible to be an immense help. Its ancient wisdom gives me timeless perspective on my nature, the reasons I struggle and the spiritual answers to my issues.


    1. Hi Whatifiresist, yes tolerance and understanding is essential.
      Yes, the Bible is of immense help. However, all too often I have seen people read quite hurriedly and miss the amount of knowledge present in the Bible (Torah & Jesus’ teachings)

      This overlooking of course is not limited to those who study the Bible. There are many who overlook the depth of various teachings around the globe. Even in relationships, and casual or serious conversations much is overlooked. This leads to much misunderstanding.


  3. There is nothing wrong with sexual attraction. It’s built into us as organic beings. Sexuality is (at its best and ideal) a form of love, though it’s true that since there is a lot of pleasure associated with it (this allows us to express love by pleasing each other), sometimes the pleasure is remembered and the love is forgotten. Anyway, we are *supposed* to be sexual. We are sexual at our core, and this aspect isn’t limited to the specific social arrangements that are supposed to make sexuality “okay.” If you attempt to “weed out” sexuality (or even specifically sexual attraction to others) from your being just because some 2,000-year-old collection of exotic texts tells you it’s unholy (read: un-whole-y), you’re doing a major mind-job on yourself, at *best* suppression of your libido, confusion over who/what you are, and anger at yourself and/or guilt (which actually *is* unholy) for having thoughts and emotions that you don’t understand you should be having. It’s impossible to believe everything the Bible says anyway ( ), so don’t feel obligated to believe it when it says that sex is somehow “bad”..


    1. Hello Respected Anonymous

      I am happy that you decided to make your thoughts known publicly.

      Yes, I agree there is nothing wrong with attraction, including sexual attraction. However, some venues manipulate people by misrepresenting sexuality, and sexual attraction, they misrepresent relationships. This has a massive negative and damaging effect on society, which generates problems not only for the immediate people involved but also for their children and extended family and friends. Many manipulators take advantage of attraction and manipulate people for their own gain and people’s loss, and that is not okay.

      It is not built into us as you think, and that is part of what I have discussed in the book. Many things that you think are natural are actually generated by sources outside of you, which guide your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour towards actions which benefit the manipulators. I admit that it appears as though the person is thinking and feeling it on their own, however in many cases this is a deliberate manipulation by those who seek to generate profit by moulding feelings and behaviour. Talking on this point with you might take a whole book, meaning it will be very long. So I will leave it at that. you would only know where I am coming from if you have access to the book.

      I agree about love, and love is written in the book.

      I am not attempting to weed out sexuality, or sexual attraction, I am demystifying it. A lot of people think it is just natural, so when they are manipulated into behaving sexually, against their own will, they still think its natural. You see…people CAN be manipulated when the victims cannot determine the source of the manipulation, nor understand the reason for the effect of the manipulations, nor understand how the methods of its operations are. I am bringing to light all of the above, so the person is no longer being sucker punched, meaning s/he will no longer feel as though some invisible force is pulling them towards behaving sexually. They no longer have to mistakenly feel that they are NATURALLY being driven to act sexually, even against their will. Once the methods are revealed the mystery and illusion is broken, and the person can be free to act in anyway, even sexually on their FREE WILL rather than being coerced into action.

      At the very first page when you open the cover, I have addressed Sex as holy. I say in effect that LIFE IS PRECIOUS AND HOLY, and Life comes from sex, and so SEX IS PRECIOUS & HOLY. (I did notice that you used the word “if” at the beginning of the sentence, so it is good to know that you were not boxing me in automatically.

      There is no suppression of the libido, it is rather that…
      There is no undue manipulation of the libido by outside sources

      Very good about addressing guilt, Yes I have addressed that in the book, that guilt creates chaos in your mind. It is a negativity that causes further confusion, when your ability to be clear thinking in the midst of manipulation is vital. So I encourage being aware, rather than riddled with guilt, so that they can spot the manipulations.

      I studied many religions. Each religion I studied, I devoted my time only to the study of that religion. when I progressed in great depth of understanding and understood its core message after years of indepth study, I would go on to study other religions. The tremendous and complete knowledge on the nature of the mind and spirituality which I gained was from a scripture (“Bhagavad-Gita As It Is” by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada) (Bhakti = Love, Vedanta = End of Knowledge, highest Spiritual Knowledge) that is 5000 years old, but the knowledge is billions, and billions of years old. I must give credit where credit is due. That is why I mention and acknowledge the sources. In addition, I do not limit myself to just believing something written now, or in the past, whether it is scientific, or religious. I question, test, and validate the knowledge in daily life.


  4. hi omid,
    i met you at the (store name withheld) shop a few weeks ago. you were explaining about your book open to bliss
    i went to buy a copy from foyles but they have run out.
    would be good to get a copy and also meet up again to play music.
    hope you are well… i saw you in (place withheld) yesterday when i was helping with (charity withheld) but we were dridving away so couldnt say hello.
    anyway keep in touch and hope you are well.



    1. Foyles on Charing cross only caries two copies o most books , including mine. so if they ran out you could just order the book from them and they have it shipped to the store in 10 busines days.

      I keep checking comments regularly. i dont know how this comment i missed for such a long time, hehe.


  5. I haven’t read the whole book, but from what I have read a lot seems transferable to other addictions. You have to be in the thick of an addiction to truly understand what it’s like, which it appears the author was. This is why most treatments for drug (and likely sex) addictions simply do not work and are not even reasonable.


    1. Yes, you are correct Alex. Since, I deal with the mind in this book, by describing how it works and how to master it, one can use the information for freedom from all kinds of mind manipulations and influences upon the mind. However for other addictions the afflicted also need additional accurate, insightful, and freeing information about the the medical, physiological, and other aspects of their specific addiction. Yes, I was in the thick of it. I was intensely fixated, I was very powerfully influenced. Thank you for commenting Alex. Spread the word, which reminds me… I allow links in your comments.


    2. Hi Alex, I hope you are doing well
      I am writing to inform you that I have posted on this very page all the video lessons 242 in number all placed back to back into 33 videos with a proper table of contents on each video including the minutes and seconds they appear so you can fast forward to any section, plus there is ample visual text on the video itself indicating what section you are on for easy navigation. Hope everything is well during this covid situation. Take care


  6. Please help me I’m 17 I need to stop looking at women how can I buy the book online and have it online I need it immediately please ill do anything please I hope your book will prevent me from ever looking at anybody other than my love


    1. Yes, ( i am saying this first, because it is very important) Once you get the book in any form, physically, online, or kindle… remember to go immediately to chapter 1, insight 1 and read the insight that appears in bold, then go on to read insight 2, and so on and so forth, without reading the explanations, unless you need to for clarification. this way you read the entire book, and then you go back and read the insights again along wit their explanations. Yes the book will help you tremendously. I am here to help guide you if you have questions. by the way sex is not be thought of as something wrong or bad, and the information in the book is nothing to be ashamed of having, it is information that should have been shared with you long ago, however people were just not aware of it. Just like how parents to prepare children by telling them about cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, and how not to be tricked by persons who will offer them these things for free in order to addict them, similarly this information on sex, about addicting people, or fixating people on sex should be shared with people so that they are prepared for it and not take misguided information as real.
      Have in mind hat the book also deals with sexual attraction. so if you decide to have the book in your possession you can always say you have it because you are interested in learning how sexual attraction occur. In either case, once you understand what has been happening you will lose your shame for being fixated. you will not only get out of fixation, but also come to understand that people are tricked into fixation because they don’t know they are being mentally tricked.

      Here is your answer about reading it online:
      Just recently there is is device called the
      Kindle Cloud Reader – Here is the website, and I have printed the front page for you here for your convenience:
      Kindle Cloud Reader lets you read ebooks, instantly—no Kindle device required.

      Buy Once, Read Everywhere

      Kindle Cloud Reader runs in your web browser but looks and acts just like an app—and you can continue reading even if you lose your internet connection.
      Shop over a million ebooks in the Kindle Store.
      Already have Kindle ebooks? Read them in any supported web browser with Kindle Cloud Reader.

      works with these browsers:
      Firefox 6+ Mac/PC/Linux

      Chrome 11+ Mac/PC/Linux/Chromebook

      Safari 5+ Mac/PC
      ——————————end of info——-

      I ALSO THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR VERY ON-POINT QUESTION. Since many people are afraid of being branded sexual addicts, they would like to be able to read this information as discreetly as possible. I adeed to the front page this information about “KINDLE CLOUD READER” so others can immediately know about it. I also invite everyone to understand that this is information that can be read, to empower you to help others. so it does not have to always be related to you. thus lose your shame of it. another item that is important is to not call yourself an addict. it is very negative and people brand you,. thus calling yourself being fixated on it , can be done with ease. but in either case it is no body else’s business, and you work on yourself. you can tell your spouse or partner if they are going to be understanding. if they are not going to be understanding then there is no point in telling them then you have to do the work on your own.


      1. I am only 17 and i cannot lie or keep things from my girlfriend because something bad happened with me lying at the beginning of our relationship and she is paranoid and still cannot trust me i cannot keep things from her and she is so upset and hurt and was so close to leaving me because i keep looking at other people and telling her and as much as i try its like another part of me wants to look and looks i am going to buy it as soon as possible i hope it helps i am so paranoid that i look when i consciously dont want to but my eyes go there for a glance and i dont know if its looking or not because i dont want to and i dont know what to do because i cant lose her over this because she keeps getting hurt and i dont know what to do im in so much pain


        1. Hello its me again the 17 year old, i bought your book and am reading the whole thing I’m on insight 40 i think but I’m reading everything i thought of going through all the insights first but is it too late? i feel so overwhelmed and freer but i am still scared if my subconscious is still bad, thank you so much


          1. It’s very good that you got the book. no its not too late. the core of the book are the insights. I designed the book to be read in such a way that with minimal reading you get Much of the Knowledge. OK. Since you have begun reading, I want you to give me some feed back on what you feel about the information that you have read thus far.

            When you say you fel overwhelmed, what do you mean exactly. overwhelmed by what?
            when you say you feel freer what do you mean, if you could say it more specifically it would be better.
            do not be scared. you need to be aas calm as possible to be able to really grasp what is being said in the book.

            YOU HAVE READ A GREAT DEAL ALREADY. The reason I wanted you to immediately start reading insight 1 and then next and the next, etc. was so that you could see pretty quickly that this stuff that i am talking about IS POTENT STUFF. and that you start to see the puzzle taking shape and you get to see that there may just be a way out, because what you have read so far is lowing the lid off of the whole illusion. It’s totally unmasking it. I wanted you to immediately start reading so that your mind is somewhat put at ease, and therefore able to see the potential of tis book actually being the solution, (Which ofcourse I k wo it is) Therefre you notice a window of hope, and you feel more positive and more relaxed and therefroe you could read and study with much more clarity and depth opf concentration.

            Now I want you to go to the section which says “suggestions on reading this book”. and read the section that says, “the main and best way to read this book.”

            because what you need to do, is to read and insight
            understand it as best as you can, if you do not understand it read the explanation.
            then examine it, think about it to really understand it, put questions to the information, meaning test it. if it is seen by you as true then taht is good, if you are not sure about it, then test it :

            I want you to see the information working in actual life, so that by experience you will see that it is really true. and in those situations which you think it is not true, to look more indepth in thsoe situations to determine what is going on, and see if you can make sense out of it. if you need help with that, after yuo have tried, you can write to me and let me know. and I will help you out with it.

            YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE INFORMATION, AND SEE IT WORKING IN DAILY LIFE IN NUMEROUS SITUATIONS. then you know the information to be real. once you know that it is real, you then have to apply it to your life.


          2. Since you already got the book and are busy reading it you do not have to give me feedback on my email request which I asked you earlier. keep up the reading, and more importantly, understanding it by questioning and evaluating it, and even more importantly recognizing and seeing the knowledge happening in daily life in numerous situations, and most importantly applying the knolwedge that you have found to be true in actual life to your own life, thus reaping its benefits, and slowly but surely freeing yourself. I don’t know exactly why, but one of my replies to you apears underneath the other ones, even though it was one of the first replies. anyhow. it is not too late, to just read the insights. read the explanations only if you are not clear on what is being said. this will help your mind. because you would only have to read the bold writing which are the insights, and you would get much information with minimal reading. ofcourse it is great that you read the early insight explanations because they go into some pretty potent stuff. about your subconscious: you will slowly but surely learn how your mind works and learn to master it. You are learning how specifically others have been ticking your mind, using multiple ways. you will learn their methods, and you ill master it, you will master your mind, and you will master nullifying their deviously clever tricks to such experitise that you will laugh at any efforts to manipulate you, because you will be so good at spotting it and nulifying it taht you will laugh at it as if it is child’s play (a pittiful attempt at manipulating you)


          3. The kindle version of the book does not have the following words which appear on the bottom of each chapter page. Thus I wil give them to you here. This is a reminder on how to read the book.

            Be silent, honest, slow, calm, understanding, attentive, objective, clear thinking, systematic, logical & precise. Pause, reflect, examine, discover, vaildate, in life, truths & untruths hidden from biased minds due to lust, pride, zeal, etc.

            I have briefly described each word and idea by video on scroll down . it appears just below the EXPLANATION.

            I know you are eager to go through the book to read it and thus fre yourself entirely from this problem. however your situatino is like if they dipped your head and hair in a mixture of warm chocolate and bubble gum, and then you attempt to wash you hair by using the sink to dump only over your head and try to clean it. much can be cleaned that way, but also much will be left, especially the bubble gum. and also much chocolate will be really still in he hair.

            you need to slow down in your reading and see if the information makes sense, and see examples of itr daiy life numerous examples so that you by yourself see that it is indeed valid. and you come to know how the mind works, and how it is influenced in various situations. without you doing this , the knowledge will remain abstrct and theoretical in your head, without relating it to reality, and you will nothave a full grasp of it. you need to go over the knowledge in the insights slowly, and evaluate the statements, and validate them in actual life. thus the knowledge becomes real instead of theoretical. and this is how you MASTER THE KNOWLEDGE. You need to do this in order to undertsand how exactly to identify and get rid of the illusions that impact your mind. so the words are there as a reminder to do this. and when you do, it will be as if you wash your hair in the shower with shampoo, and then warmed your hair in ho hot water thus warming the bubble gum, and taking one’s time with each bubble gum with one’s fingers and taking each bubble-gum off one at a time.


        2. there are several situations here

          Take it easy on yourself. usually when talking to a person that is stressed I ought not to use a lot of words. their mind just cannot grasp what is being said. but picture me just talking to you. and read it as if i am just talking to you. I am speaking to you out of compassion. Plus I feel a lot of other people will learn also. You do not have to read all of it at one time. read a little bit that your mind can handle. I want you to make a feedback response of me of what you understood I was telling you. There is no point in me talking to you, if nothing is getting to you. thus I ask you to tell me what you understood. so read a little bit then write a feedback of what you thought I am trying to tell you, and save it as a draft in one of your email accounts. read a little more and add to the draft. do this untl the whole letter is read and you have finished the letter to me, in your own email account. then paste that entire feedback from in a reply, and you can also continue conversing with me about furthering your understanding into helping you in your situation.

          Ok, so basically because of the bad thing that occurred at the beginning of the relationship, 1. she has reason to mistrust or not to have total faith in you. ok. That is understandable.
          when you look at other people and telling her, well I understand that you are being completely sincere and honest wit her. you do this because you really want to connect with her, so you share every thought or most thoughts that roam your head. even the one’s that you don’t fully understand. That is very beautiful. I t would be good if your girlfriend understood what you were trying to do when you are sharing your thoughts. However she like many other girls/women do not realize what you are doing and only take what you say about your roaming eye, or your noticing of the attractiveness of some women, or the possible sexual thoughts that run through your head when seeing them as just simply your interest in those people and lack of interest in your girlfriend,. And so, thee women feel less and less attractive when you say that, because they mistakenly think that if the girlfriend is attractive enough the man would not be interested in looking at any other woman. I want you to know, that you if you were ending your time with anything else, any omen would still be wondering why you are not spending time wit them. for example you could be playing video games, listening to the radio, drawing or whatever other activity that you can think of , she can get it in her head that you are paying more attention to that activity than her, and then she will get upset, and might decide to leave you based on that. (not all girls/women are like this, but many are like this.
          2. you seem to be too dependent on your girlfriend. meaning if she left you seem that you would be tremendously hurt. This puts you in an imbalanced situation. so that even in the relationship, when she is actually with you, your mind is in turmoil, because you can’t mess up, you can’t see yourself doing anything incorrect on purpose or even by mistake. so you are not comfortable, you are in a sort of a hell.. its good for you to recognize that as good as it is to be with her, your state of mind and emotions are not secure. She could leave you for infinite reasons. example, she might not like your neediness, she might be interested in another guy, and she finds a way to break-up with you. or just tell you , point-blank, I want to experience other people. It would benefit you to see things realistically. So you are an emotional and mental wreck. I would suggest not telling her about your roaming eye. she misunderstands much of it. it often happens that I am walking down the street and something moves, and i look at it. it could be a car, a leaf or a pretty girl. it does not matter. the motion captures the attention of the mind. and you should be able to notice your mind at work , and understand what it is attracted to and why. so just because you see a beautiful girl does not mean that you are interested to see her sexually and that is why you looked at her.
          This issue involves many situation. For example if you are in a room that has 10 lights with 10 different switches to turn them off and on. Someone says please turn off the lights. so you turn off one light, and someone else might mistakenly say, well your solution did not work,because the room is still lite. you cannot go and think you have done it incorrectly, and turn that one light on again, and try to turn off some or all of the other lights. you have to turn off all the lights. one at a time or all at once if you can. in the case that you are facing, there are several issues that complicate the matter that are part of the problem and you have address each one. so I am saying that I will address each one, one at a time. and I don’t want you to think, Oh that does not help much. (like the turning off the lights) take a few small problems and put them together and you have complicated problem. so solve one simple problem at a time, and soon enough you will have finished the entire problem. communication involves talking and listening an attempt to understand. If you attempt to talk with her, and she does not understand your words and meaning, then COMMUNICATION HAS NOT OCCURRED. MIS-COMMUNICATION HAS OCCURRED. THIS HAPPENS A LOT IN VARIOUS RELATIONSHIPS. that is why when people first marry, many get into all sorts of arguments about how things should be done around the house, and many other issues. So anyhow, because of the mental and emotional state that you are in , you can’t think straight. I WANT YOU TO NOTICE THIS, AND RELAX. You cannot continue like this, you will go crazy and injure your mind. This is too much stress to put on your mind. relax. by the way your girlfriend is not more precious than you. your girlfriend is not more precious than an ant. your girlfriend is not more precious than any other living being. What happens if a few months from now she wants to be with someone else, and her excuse will be, my heart says so. what will you do then? could you handle it? would you be able to remain balanced. positive and upbeat? this will be the subject of my second book. emotional fulfilment. but the core information for that I have put in this first book, “Open to Bliss” So once you get the book, you can also go to the rear of the book in the index, and look under the word love” and turn t the page to read the sections which speak on love”
          3. you are young, you have been told since childhood girls are pretty, precious soft, and just so different than boys. your mind is fascinated by them. they are something you are not (you think this) . you see countless movies which glorify the emotional and sexual interaction between men and women. you see how hard the man falls for the woman. and what he does to try to be with her. you are tremendously conditioned by these movies. it builds your sense of reality. This coupled wit the idea of insecurities about yourself, builds a dynamic situation that is something like this: I have not had a girlfriend, and for so many years I have felt separate from others, i felt low, and not good about myself, not belonging, no one really understand me, how can someone love me, if they could only see inside me, etc. etc. so the first person that shows any interest you cling to and hold on for dear life. this person has shown interest IN YOU. its really not about them its about YOU. you are holding on for dear life because you want to feel precious, and loved and valuable. and since you have not felt that about yourself, and since no one else has shown that to you for so long, there is this deep cavern inside you, and you want another to see you and love you completely, Ahhhhhhh. Now of course some of the things I have said might not be directly relating to your situation specifically, because many of the things I said I could not possibly know to be true or not true, since I do not know you that well. I am, however, stating them because some other people will feel parts of my communication to be tremendously helpful to them.

          Let me know about parts or all of what I am talking about. start with one small part. and work from there to try to understand. First you need to refresh your mind. just take some orange juice. sit and relax a bit. breathe in and out. you need your mind to be able to figure things out. and you cannot get anywhere if your mind is stressed out to the point that you cannot think straight. am I right? do you see my point. then when you are sufficiently refreshed and relaxed, try to make that your habit, to be in that state of peace throughout the day. because you want to establish your mind in a positive and relaxed state. if you see a girl that is wearing something beautiful or if she just looks beautiful. there is nothing with admiring that. just as if you would be admiring a tree. no need to have sexual feelings towards her, but this might ocurr because of how your mind is programmed to respond to what you see. however initially there was no sexual thoughts,. it was some thing beautiful to look at, that’s all. If sexual thought come, then the book will be describing to you very specifically hat is happening and how to not only understand it but how to nullify it and master the mind not to be sexual,especially when you really don’t want to. anyhow. relax your mind. and any questions you have let me know. ( I talk in different ways, so do not take lightly if I communicate much less than this)

          Give me feedback what you understood that I was saying.


          1. Thankyou so much. Don’t worry haha my girlfriend couldn’t leave me when she wanted to because she loves me so much and I love her so much too so don’t worry 🙂 I just felt so overwhelmed and I don’t know how just in that everything was being explained and I understand. I know the illuminati but I didn’t know it affected me until now because I didn’t think of the sex manipulation as far as this, its amazing, I feel free as in I can control my sexual feelings and I haven’t even had any since I started reading the book I feel free because I was having trouble controlling myself for the past months and I just do not want to look at body parts of women. I guess I grew up and was manipulated by websites and everything. Thankyou on so much words in your replies and it’s an amazing book and thankyou so much. You are a genius and the next life for you will be amazing because of how much you’ve done to anybody who’s read your book and to yourself. I am going to sleep now so goodnight and thanks for the quick and long reply, if I haven’t answered anything you’re seeking just reply and let me know and I’ll answer 🙂 thanks again!


            1. I am very happy that you recognize this book as amazing. it truly is, and I am happy that you are making positive progress. I have not mentioned the word illuminati in the book, but I could see how since that word on various online sites has been mentioned in a negative light and as controllers, or manipulators thus, I could see how you are making a connection between illuminati and the word “manipulators” which is mentioned in my book. By the word manipulators, I mean any single person or group of persons who seek to manipulate and take negative advantage of people. Yes, you are most welcome about my replies. hehehe (about the genius remark) hehe yes indeed the information is phenomenal, eye opening and mind freeing, however I Owe everything to the Creator. Yes indeed the knowledge in the book is very effective for those who choose to read it without bias.


          2. Hello, its me again 17, I understand things you are saying I think. But I am confused and i felt overwhelmed but did not know why, maybe because of my subconscious looking again and me not being able to control it. I am really scared because you said not to read the book as if true or untrue but to validate, but i think i read it out of stress most of the time and believed everything to be true. I think i am now less overwhelmed and confused but i have felt this for the past two days reoccurring, it comes back and goes. I am scared that i have changed completely. I hope readers do not avoid this book because of this because there is nothing bad to avoid and this book is absolutely incredible. I am scared that I read insights with explanations and because i have not finished, that my sexuality or horniness is disappearing or going or even gone. I am so sorry to write all of this stupid stuff so readers would read because whoever is reading, I promise that this book will help you tremendously. I felt helped and understood before I read 1/10th of the book. Do not worry about my girlfriend because she loves me and I love her and she is not the type of bad person at all. Thankyou so much for writing this book, you have helped me, I still do not know if i should read insights only and no explanation unless i dont understand because i feel like this way is helping me, but I am in year twelve and i have a sac soon and exam in three weeks and im finding it so hard to study and do homework now that this has overwhelmed me somehow. I don’t fully know what i feel free from, maybe just the bad behaviour or bad things. Thank you so much for replying with so much depth and length, you are going an amazing person and thank you. I think I might read the insights only for now because of low time, thank you again, i am sorry if i have not answered questions, i am still trying to work out why my mind is so busy or upset or i do not know. thank you


            1. yes, it is normal for you to look again. because the influences upon the mind are many. therefore you must discover them all and deal with them according what I say in the book. the state of coming and going of attraction and arousal is normal for the beginner. but what you have to do is to understand clearly that stress disallows you to think precisely. it is similar to guilt. I speak about guilt in the book. the same you must think about stress. stress, guilt or any negative emotion or negative thought disallows you to think clearly. therefore you as an intelligent person who recognizes this, you must try to be as stress free and guilt free as possible to be able to look at what you are looking and discover why you are looking at it. So, if you are looking, that is the moment you have to be intensely concentrated on what are you exactly looking at discover why you are looking at it. no problem. Mhh I suggest for now, because you have your exams, to take care of your exams. reading only the insights will help you as far as time. read the explanations of the insights if you need to understand the insights better. when you finish reading all the insights then you can go back to read all the insights with all the explanations. but for now, if you can concentrate on your exams, and if you feel sexually aroused you can relieve yourself as you would normally, and then focus on your studies. when your studies are over then you can best focus on this book material. No problem, do not worry about not answering. you are very busy. do not worry about looking or no looking, and arousal coming or going. thousands of millions of people have this problem. so let it come and go, and study. don’t let it bother you too much.


              1. I’m
                Not sexuallyarousedanymore, it’s okay I think, I just don’t want to look at another woman in a bad way again, I keep thinkingbad thoughts and can’t stop about something bad or little that happened then I have to tell my girlfriend because I can’t keep anything from her and it relieves me but I do not want to hurt her, I’m in such a bad situation


                1. It is good that you are honest with yourself.
                  as far as the arousal , whether it happens or not there are several reasons. and one of the reasons has numerous types. let me know if you need to talk about this in a more prvate setting so others cannot access it. The reasons for the thoughts occuring is explained in the book. but I will briefly explain here on it. the mind remembers unusual things. it is simply the how the mind functions. so it is not the case that everytime you purposefully want to think that. it is that those thoughts are so unusual that the mind can’t help but remember them. This of course is mixed in with pleasure. thus the mind is powerfully affected by numerous sources, and so you are not able to figure out what exactly is the cause of you thinking the thoughts, and that is why you cannot identify any one single element that is causing you to remember these thoughts. This is true of the times that you never want the thoughts, or partially want the thoughts. All this is written very exactingly in the book. if you have trouble finding the section that is derals with this subject. you can look in the index. and look under thoughts or mind, and look at the subheading material to see which passasge relates to waht you are exactly lookig for. but when you are reading the insights, you will come upon it anyhow. Also you can look at the “insight briefs table”. you will find it by the table of contents. then you can glance the insights in one word sentences and find the one that deals with your spoecific issue. I am also able to talk to you in more detail in a more private setting. Just let me know if you would like that.


              2. Please give me any advice to help, I keep being so paranoid or stressed or just a full mind and I cannot be truly happy I almost was and then I thoughtabout something bad that had happened with my subconscious mind and I keep goin throughthe cycle of feeling horrible to okay to better than okay and back to stressful and paranoid and upset, I don’t know how you’d help me when I don’t even know why this is happening, maybe it’s just needingto tell my girlfriend because I am waiting for her reply last time I told her about my subconscious and that I did not want to look earlier today she understood and I felt so good so maybe it’s this thoughtthat I need to release,I don’t know, I’m just typing what I’m thinking, I’m sorry for invading your whole websitewith my posts, thank you


                1. Look in the “comprehensive index” look under “Guilt. This is answering your question very precisely. even though I mentioned it in my past communications with you.

                  You need to calm your mind. you are adding stress, when there is no need to add stress. Stop telling your girlfriend about your subconscious thoughts. you are working on yourself. and now is not the time to add stress to yourself when you are trying to work on yourself.

                  not all the thoughts that you think are coming from you. they are coming from being mentally manipulated. so knowing this, you should throw away guilt, because in a majority of the cases of thoughts that come up, you don’t want to think of them.

                  So, first thing is, you have to have a more relaxed mind. your mind is filled as you said. therefore do not add more stress to yourself by telling your girlfriend everything your mind thinks. relax. when the thoughts come, do not feel guilty that you have thought them, because you did not. it appears as though you did, but these thoughts have started from outside and though you can generate and think of them now on your own, they had their origin from outside. its like a virus that infects you. the virus is not you. these thoughts are not you. so if and when they occur they do so because of many reasons , but the main reason is that they are unusual, therefore they are memorable, and that is why you remember them. that’s all. its like skydiving, you cannot forget skydiving because its unusual. so don’t worry if you think unusual sexual thoughts, just realize they are memorable. Of course the subject of canceling these thoughts are written in detail i n the book. however for now, I am sharing with you a quick way of thinking so you can handle the thoughts by understanding the simple fact that they are memorbale so you will not be surprised by their appearance in your consciousness.


  7. I need you to confirm that you have the book by telling me ___ ____ ____ ____ _________ ________ ____ ________ __ _____ __ _____.

    Do not worry about taking over the site with your questions. these are good questions, and many others will be learning from them. Therefore your questions are welcome.

    This website is here for you, to help you. it is not here to be a just a non-functioning pretty picture. 🙂 It is here to function to guide you to master your mind, to master sexual desire and the inceasant thoughts that seem to consume the mind. Understand that stress is tremendously damaging to the mind. The mind can only handle so much. To save yourself you must not allow yourself to be stressed. breathe, eat good food, rest, and when unusal thoughts come do not be etressed about them. understand thath it is normal for themind to remember unusual things. Try to forget a pink elephant. you can’t because its unusual. but when you understand why your mind is focusing , and remembering the item, then you will not be impressed. then the your mind will be more and more aware of the trick of using unusuality to become memorable, therfeor eth mind is no longer impressed as much from this trick, and it can let it go, and not keep focusing on it wonderign why he has thought of it. now he knows, and he is unimpressed.


  8. Thank you, I hope this helps me, you see, my mood always determines what I think, even from feeling sick from eating because i dont feel like eating anymore makes me feel bad or have bad thoughts about anything, i noticed that and am trying to stop it because now i know one of the reasons why, it is my emotions partly or mostly, i think


    1. Now we are getting more detailed. very good. I will contact you and direct you to a private setting (password protected)where we can go into detail. You can confirm that you received the info by answering this message / or email. Thus far this conversation of ours has been and will continue to be of help to many. You yourself, or I can post questions of yours that are not specific here so others can benefit also. but our main discussion will be in the private area.


  9. I am writing to letting the readers of this website/blog know that the person who approached me on the 19th May 2012 (On the 19th he made the purchase because s/he was eager to access the information) the record of initial talks which you see above this message entered into private session with me, on the 22nd. s/he said their life had changed for the better and tremendously helped by it and that every day they are getting better. I state that they have a smashing (great) start on understanding and applying the knowledge in the book. The person also stated that he is telling his friends about the book. 🙂


  10. I would like to get this for my boyfriend, because I think he has a similar problem, what would I tell him when I give him the book?


    1. Its best not to call him an addict, because that has a bad connotation. The most you can call him is fixated, meaning strongly focused on sex. You don’t have to call him anything actually. I suggest you read the book, and have him read it too.
      You can tell him:
      the book shows how sexual attraction occurs or
      the book shows the mind tricks used in various sexual programs
      shows how the mind works and to free the mind from being manipulated

      You can give him the example which I give in my presentation about shame and Nobility. If you cant tell him, you can play my video for him, so he can hear me say it, which gives him a powerful example (a glimpse) of what is instore for him in the book, and what is happening in sexual seduction.

      You can store it by the computer. so he can access it anytime.

      And to rid him of the shame associated with being sexually focused, reading the very first page helps to ease his mind about that. I have a video of me talking about that also on the “insight 1” tab on the website.

      What is important is how to read the book. Don’t read anything before page 67 unless its the “Suggestions on How to Read the Book”, and or the “Title & Front Cover Description” or the very first page. It wastes valuable time. when he is interested, or you get him reading a bit, you want to have him read the insights so he sees that its rich information, with minimal reading, and so he quickly gets interested in the rich informative potent information. you don’t want to have him read the introduction which says nothing about the information. the introduction I use a s a method of telling about my background. so we dont want to bore him.

      You immediately turn to page 67 which is chapter 1 , and read INSIGHT 1 which appears in bold. Then go onto reading INSIGHT 2, so and and so forth without reading the EXPLANATIONS that follow each insight. However he and you can read the EXPLANATIONS only if you need clarification about the INSIGHT. You don’t want to scare him with the massiveness of the book. and that’s why we want to share with him quickly how the book is to be read, so he understands there isn’t much reading at all.
      only 242 insights. minimal reading.
      once you read the insights then he and you can go back and read the insights along with their explanations.

      ONe last important thing. he and you are not to underestimate what you are reading. because I have explained it so simply that one can easily mistakenly think that they knew thiss stuff already. but that is because any good solution to a problem seems obvious once mentioned. because solutions make sense. anyhow by for now.


  11. seems like a lot of the same thinking i have learned from my involvement in various rehabilitation centers that not only focus on the addiction but the root thinking and primitive behaviors. i agree with the comment of the grammar being too poor to be able to follow along though.

    i apologize if my comment is harsh but to promote such positive knowledge you need to teach by example. this isn’t just one’s take on wordsmith, this is absolute indolent scribble without standard, imagine if the bible were written with such languish attempts. if you don’t bother to take the time to accurately give advice why should anyone expect it to be sound?

    where were your videos recorded? this isn’t as important but it again gives off the impression that you don’t care enough to figure out a time and place where you might get a little more peace to properly get your thoughts out without giving your audience too many distractions. it all takes away from what you are saying.


    1. Hello jules

      Well, yes. Being aware of one’s thinking process is PART of the solution. But there is much more to it than that. (I don’t know what you mean by primal behavior, so I will not comment on that now) Of course you can only state your thoughts about my book from what I have shared with you. As far as the comment that it seesm to be similar to what other supposed rehabilitations centers are doing, I will say this:
      Many rockets that are launched from the ground seem to fly high, and seem to use the same basic principles enabling them to move…but most of the rockets do not reach the moon. They often fall way short. There are many centers who have some ideas, but not the total solution.

      I was going to quote you some of their stuff. but I had better not, since it could be copyrighted. You could look on your own and you will see statements such as lifelong process of recovery, improvement.

      I am glad that you made your comments. I do not see your comment about the grammar being poor as being harsh. I value your perspective and other types of feedback so I can be of better help to people.
      I would like to ask you, what specifically are you referring to when you say the word “this” from “this isn’t just one’s take on wordsmith, this is absolute indolent scribble without standard”
      I will speak more about the grammar once you point out specifc cases of what you are talking about.

      As far as the videos:
      I have placed a side note on the margin that states:
      I recorded the videos ASAP knowing that its a life preserver for the many who have their lives devastatingly affected by their strong focus on sex”

      This is because as soon as I got the idea that I could record them on youtube, I made an effort to get the videos out. I did so, thinking that many people watch videos. its an easy access for them. When I present a way to help people, I do not do it half-hazardly. Every sentence of the chapters in the book, I have gone through meticulously and rewrote, reorganized to give the most clear and accurate meaning. Obviously the paragraphs they appear in also plays a part in comprehension of what I mean.

      The Videos are not a formal teaching method. They are an easy general intro. to give people a sample of the knowledge. I am a very intense person when approaching studying and or teaching. But one has to know who one is teaching to. If I was intense. meaning if I was precise, and deep and on topic and extremely detailed, when presenting my information, people would be bored out of their minds, and they would just click away. I did the videos in a more relaxed manner so that the newcomer to being exposed to them would have the opportunity to get a sample of the knowledge without much due effort. Also they might get some of their questions answered.

      I am homeless. I sleep in the streets. I am keeping myself well balanced. However many who have houses and mansions, have this devastating problem. Knowing how important it is for them to get it, I decided to quickly as possible to thro them this life preserver to save their lives. I made the videos AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE, because I know how much they really need it. The case is similar to you drowning in a current of wild water, and I have the life preserver, and instead of immediately throwing it in , I am being asked to dust it of, and polish it. I did the videos in the only place I knew of that I could create videos… in a computer store. Knowing that they might ban me, from going there again. I stood their for 13 hours doing the videos. Realize that I was standing for 13 hours straight. I kept leaning on the table in front of me. When I got to video taping insight 90 I was quite physically fatigued. You can see a few bloopers I made at bloopers 1,2,3,4,5 show that I am making mistakes because of exhaustion and background noise, etc. I mention in one of these videos that I apologize for the background noise, but that this is my only option of getting the information out to people.

      SO the videos are done BECAUSE I care so much for people that I had to get it out as soon as possible. By the way, I tested if people can hear me. On the computer they are able to hear me, however I noticed that mobile devices will be unable to hear me. Which h is why I put the notice on top of my main video to listen to it on the computer. If and when I get an opportunity to do the videos in a silent area, I will do so.


  12. Addiction, whether a acceptable addiction like smoking cigarettes, or not acceptable one like porn. Decided by friends and family, which addictions are acceptable. To bad porn wasn’t a bad one til you cross a imaginary line. To bad smoking isn’t a bad one til you get emphacyma or cancer… But truth is that imaginary line is no longer imaginary, all you got to is out yourself in others shoes, and the line becomes visable. Listen to the antics, and move on is what you’ll wish you’d done if that line that once was invisible had or has been crossed….


    1. I had trouble understanding parts of your comment. nonetheless I will try to address the parts that I did understand.

      Any type of addiction with its different degrees of intensity (from low medium to high intensity) is asserting its influence upon the individual. The individual is out of control according to the degree of their addiction. whether or not it is acceptable by society the addiction leaves its influence upon the individual. I am in favor of the individual being in charge of themselves even if it is the tiniest of influences to the most powerful ones. Even the tiniest of addictions can be used against an individual to take advantage of him. example:
      Magicians can use just a moment of distraction to pull off unbelievable feats. Using the same principles as a magician a thief can do the same with one’s wallet etc. Of course these tricks are not using people’s addictions, they are using people’s attractions/attention. Addiction attraction and attention are inter-related. If a person could find out what a person is slightly addicted to he can overwhelm the individual and completely take over the individual’s life by having that tiny element of addiction as part of a grander scheme which the observer gets lost in.

      It does not even have to be about a tiny addiction. it could be a tiny WANT, or a tiny FEELING. Since the person being tricked cannot identify why he is involved in the tricky activity presented to him he continues to interact and get hoodwinked every time. he cannot identify the element of the tiny want or tiny addiction , because that activity he is involved is has too many elements involved in it. thus the person has a very difficult time finding the cause of his involvement in the activity (such as gambling)

      in regard to acceptability, lets take the example of smoking: sure to the average guy it seems that smoking is acceptable. I mean when you walk by a smoker who is puffing away one tries to not breath -in the toxic fumes, by dodging one’s head, holding one’s breath, changing the path of our walk, etc. it is rather inconvenient for many people who do not smoke. This is especially true in a Big city like London. (seeking from personal experience) but now take into account someone ,..a child .. who their father or mother has died quite early due to lung cancer. To that child it is absolutely unacceptable. the pain that child suffers because of the parent not being there..there’s no words to describe…


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