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22 Jan 2017 I got arrested for writing on a boarded up store

I spent 9 hours in jail at Charing Cross police Station, then they let me go with a caution The police were respectful and professional. The lawyer representing me was also respectful & professional. I was fed well.


2015 June – 2016 06 June

I took a year to help a person whom i befriended. As of June 5th 2016 I am free to see to this website and its lessons. June 6th 2016 I am now working on the website making it look much better in clarity.

2015 22 Feb

I rarely get involved in any kind of interaction in speaker’s corner because chaos rules there. hehehe but this time I took a stand against this man.

Before I go into the details I want you to know that I encourage anyone who is interested in Science or any religion (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, etc.) to do their earnest to study without bias. This is the video of me stepping in the way of this supposed Christian preacher who was attempting to preach earlier and had gathered zero listeners. and so he stepped down and decided to spend his time constantly interrupting this Muslim preacher constantly harassing him and effectively disallowing him to speak, because of his constant battery of questions. He simply would not shut up. I realized that he was simply disallowing the Muslim preacher to speak. I don’t care who is doing the speaking no one should go and disrupt the person from speaking, so I approached him and said you did not gather a following this time, and you decided to stop another man from preaching? he said I will be here and there is nothing in the world you can do to stop me, as I was leaving I decided to teach his own lesson to him. and I respectfully told him many times to go back to preaching where he was originally instead of bothering the preacher. this happened on the 22 Feb 2015

Now I have seen this supposed Christian preacher many times and I have never seen him act like this before. Normally he and other supposed Christian preachers draw a crown by manipulation of screaming loud and making exaggerated claims as well as profuse lies about other religions which usually draws a crowd. but this time this supposed Christian preacher failed to gather a crowed. not even one person. The Muslim preacher had already a crown of 20 or so people. he finally left and you could see him at the end of the tape he goes back to his own corner.
Note that in no way am I involved emotionally. Meaning I am mentally balanced throughout the interaction, without losing objectivity, even when the man loses his temper as he tries to intimidate or scare me by coming uncomfortably close which would have meant he would have spit on me. I just put my hand in front of my face to disallow any saliva spray.

I used the phrase “your father is the devil” because it is terminology that he himself as a supposed preacher is familrar with and he knows what I am saying, that he is creating chaos and disorder, and that his action of disruption here is not one of Christian behavior but develish (of a lower nature).

2015 Jan – Feb

Recording Video lessons for online Classes

2014 14 Dec

At this night while sleeping at 2:40 a.m. two people tried to steal my trolley. I awoke and followed them. They threatened to fight me (I then realized there were three of them) They spoke some East Indian dialect. I went back to get my phone since I needed to call the police so that the police can catch them. I followed them as they were leaving, and eventually they broke a business’ window, which sounded the alarm. I finally met the police and told them which way they ran. They were drunk.

2012 Dec

Playing guitar & keeping warm at a bus stop in the cold London season.

omidmankoobusstopI asked someone who was taking a photograph of me if its possible for him to send me the photo to post online.

2012 June

A Church that I went to had some people video tape thisvideo for a foundation: I was laso interviewed, I even spoke aboutthe book, however they did not put it in the video: I am at 1:56-2:06 of the video saying a breif statement about the atmossphere and food.

2012 May 1

I made videos named “invitation to helping your below man, RC Cola Commerical, and Adictional comment on invitation to help your fellow man” here is blooper 9

2012 April 28 & 29

I made videos describing the words that appear underneath each page of the chapters. THey are reminders for people to be nonjudgmental when reading the information, so that if they judge while reading, the reminder is right in their face , reminding them not to engage in that manner of shallow thinking, and to uplift and see honestly if there is information , knowledgable information that is practical in dealing with sexual fixations, and if there is, for them to notice it and use it. here are some bloopers from that. Also i recorded a relaxed version of why I wrote the book and how I wrote the book. these two videos are on the first page of there website.

2012 April 23

just uploaded insight videos for 1-9 and 81-111
here are some of true bloopers

2012 April 6

it occurred to me, that I could put myself online giving the presentation. While, I was talking to someone, they mentioned something to that effect. So I thought me presenting the book would be great. I did one, then later

2012 Jan

  • I am focused on publicising the book, so you help would be appreciated.
  • Teaching the knowledge by holding classes
  • etc., etc., etc.

2011 Nov 16

2011 June 1st at Buzz Asia Radio (UK)

I played guitar for Abbas Hasan to sing a bit of his song, on a radio station where he was being interviewed. Abbas very down to earth, and friendly and of course a great singer. I brought a pineapple to the show host as a gift, with my name on a tag that was on the pineapple. The show host enjoyed the gesture calling it unusual and I think he talked about it for a good three minutes, and He mentioned that I have a book on sexual addiction.

FIRSTLY, GET THE BOOK!!! YOU HAVE 40 OF MY (Sage’s) INSIGHTS AVAILABLE FREE TO YOU. THOSE OF YOU WITH ENOUGH INTELLIGENCE WILL KNOW TO ENGAGE IN CONVERSING AND SPREADING THE MESSAGE. The Sage is homeless in the UK. However, he is looking at night-time in a positive way, as a time of quiet reflection & heating the body for exercise to get into better physical shape. You are extremely lucky to find this page, take positive advantage from it, and share its profound knowledge with others. Should the sage pass away this page is made available in such a way that people can discuss the book in-depth online. I AM PLANNING TO START A GROUP IN LONDON TO TEACH THE PRINCIPLES, I WILL LET YOU KNOW WHERE.
1st class starting 23 Nov 2010 and ongoing: Tuesday nights 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm teaching at West London Mission (ALSO KNOWN AS HINDE ST METHODIST CHURCH) Room 3. Address: 19 Thayer St. see map, and every tuesday after that. except Nov 30th, the church needs the room for their other function.
Class name: Open to Bliss (Solution Manual to Sexual Addiction)

click here to see my picture taken by a passer-by. http://www.flickr.com/photos/tezmo/4919722358/

other photos are further below on this page

2010 Nov 12th 2010 Through much deliberation I am staying 🙂

I will update when I get a chance of what is going on.

2010 Nov 2nd 2010 Bought the ticket to board Eurostar on 12th November, enter france & from there walk the earth

2010 Nov 2nd Author planning to leave society

Author is leaving society in a week from tuesday nov 2 2010:

here is the last note I sent my representative at XLibris (my book publisher)

Respected Louise, things here in London might not turn out so good financially.
So, I plan to leave society. (walk the earth in a week)
I apologize for seeming so dramatic at times. It is just that, when one is in financial strain and one’s life is hanging in the balance, I have a responsibility of letting you guys know, because you handle my work (book)
anyhow, you might not here from me ever again, or you might here from me months or years from now.
the book of course will remain my property regardless of whether I contact you or not. and my proceeds from the sales of the book will accrue. please don’t send it anywhere. some day if i survive and make it back financially i can possibly regain my proceeds.
I am sending this to some newspapers, since they MIGHT deem t news worthy. Thus far, they have not found anything i have sent them as news worthy. Oh, and I am not playing a game of walking the earth to get attention and be on the news.
well by for now.
Omid Mankoo (SH…)
if for whatever reason there is a turnabout in my situation of course i will let you know.
extended note for all others.
I tried very hard to make it in society, however things are not working out. I would have loved to have shared the solution to love. Out of compassion I would have loved to have done so. I stayed in society play acting like i am a mouse, to get along with people and circumstances so that i could survive, and get to publish the work on love. however, it is the limited human who feels these pains, and sufferings, ..the emotional turmoil. These are human problems. Seen from a spiritual perspective there is no problem. So even though I have compassion for the limited human perspective, ultimately everything is fine, for everyone is a spirit, and after death many will realize this. the sadness which humans experience, the loneliness that they experience comes from their mistaken thought that they are human, and therefore alone, and vulnerable, etc. by for now

2010 October Many things are happening.

Many things are going on, however I am looking to solidify my financial situation, meaning for now I am looking for a place to stay, since I do not have a stable living condition. Who knows what will happen, well ram jaane (God knows) If I get a place where I am stable, then I will try to update what is and has happened.

2010 September 26th Speaker’s Corner

I attended Speaker’s corner. It was raining, so I could not setup my boards as usual. So I walked around with one board in hand, and I approached various people already in conversation. In this way, I got to interact with many people, and generally it was a positive experience. One young gentleman that seemed to be of Arabic descent thanked me for providing him some eye opening examples of how contrasts are used in various sexual presentations to impact the mind.
Another gentleman was oblivious to the profound information I was revealing to him. Throughout the conversation he was not very receptive, and did not make genuine effort to understand the depth of knowledge. He was interested in sharing his stories, and his perspective, and just generally talking. People are responsible for taking in knowledge. All I can do is to present it as clearly as possible, but I cannot pour water into a cup that is not receptive.

2010 September 19th Speaker’s Corner

I stopped by Speaker’s corner, and as usual there were a lot of people shouting their messages across. It looked and sounded terrible. Anyhow, in the chaos, I thought to myself I would like to go to a place where there are people gathered who are discussing in-depth and intelligently. A gentleman stopped by and spoke of leicester square, so I went there, and it was mostly tourist, and it was not helpful because mostly people were interested with entertainment.

2010 September 12th Speaker’s Corner

Encounters with 3 Significant people & fine talks with others.

I attended Speaker’s Corner. I met a number of interested people while presenting the book. I had made a make-shift table to place four copies of my book. This made a display. I was not planning to give the books away. I had planned only to inform people about the existence of the book.

1. I met a gentleman who I had met the week before and the talks we had moved me emotionally to present him with this freeing information.

Several people came by and I presented the book to them, all gave positive feedback. Those whom where older in age said they have no such problem, since age decreased their sexual drive.

2. Next an individual came forth who showed somewhat of an interest. After I went through my presentation, he asked about the solution to the problem. I said: I cannot present the solution to him, since he would have to first understand how the mind works, which is written in the book. Then he can learn of the solutions, otherwise it will be pointless.

He repeated the question, twice more. I had to mention the same thing, slower and in a slightly different manner. He seemed somewhat disappointed about not recieving a response, and spoke about how there might not be an answer since the problem is so complex and how each individual is different, thus there could not be a solution. After listening to him, I got the chance to inform him, that to a person who does not have the solution, it seems as if it is complicated. For a person who knows the solution it seems obvious, to such a degree that he might even mistakenly believe that he knew the solution all along.

I said this, because he had mentioned earlier that what I presented to him, was nothing new to him. I stated that I present the solution to the problem in such elementary detail, with such simplicity that one might easily underestimate what is being stated. I also mentioned as an example that this problem of hunger is a vast problem. There are all types of people and feeding the hunger of people worldwide seems like a complex problem. However, all people eat from their mouths. feeding their hunger, by inserting food in their mouths is not a problem, because we humans work the same way. Similarly, I mentioned that we all have a brain, and our brains basically work the same way, and that is why my solutions will work for various people, because we all have a brain, and when you know how it works, and know how to govern it you can overcome manipulations that are applied to it by outsiders.

Another gentleman approached and I went through my presentation with him. The earlier gentleman kept around and overheard my presentation. After my presentation was over, the earlier gentleman understood the significance of the information and began speaking highly of the book to two others whom had decided to listen to my presentation. He and I further talked, and I came to understand that he was tremendously moved by the positivity of this book, the problem that it was tackling, and the detailed approach to the solution. He was quite impressed by the book and its message speaking with emphasis and speaking very highly of it. He pointed out that the people gathered in speaker’s corner – many of them, if not all – have this problem. This gentleman realising the significance of what I was presenting was physically displaying signs of awe, in addition to his verbal high remarks of the book and the need for it to be communicated to people. He had taken it upon himself to tell people in our immediate vicinity.

This made me realise that this individual is a great candidate to have my book. before giving it to him, he had collected information on what bookshop to go to, to order the book (Foyles in London located on Charing Cross, in the lower floor under the Spiritual Guidance Section, they should have one copy, however if it is sold, and they are in the process of reordering which takes ten days, you could order your own copy from the medical section and you will get it in 10 business days) … anyhow, I mentioned to him how it is vital that he should share the message with others, because I cannot do it alone. I need intelligent people to spread the message. (I believe all people are intelligent, however not all use their intelligence). I mentioned how I have little money, and how I am actually poor, however I would appreciate him accepting the book. He graciously accepted.

Again several other persons approached, and I went through my presentation.

3. Another person came along late in the evening whom I had met last Sunday. This gentleman is an avid reader of lengthy literature, including wester classics. He told me that he has an impressive collection of books which he has read.  He told me that he had purchased two books that I had recommended to him. He had finished one, and was on the second one. This was of great significance, since he does not waste any time and he goes straight to it. However one of the Literatures (The Bhagavad-Gita As it Is) which I had mentioned to him, he did not purchase. He had decided to purchase the Oxford version. I informed him of why it is necessary to get the version I mentioned. I had by chance purchased Bhagavad-Gita As It Is yesterday and I still had it with me. So I opened the book and showed him why: “Here is the sanskrit, how to pronounce it, word for word translation,” whereupon he exclaimed Wow! “and finally translation and explanation if you need further clarification.” Then I stated who wrote the book, by showing him the pictures in the book, and how he had a master and the master had a master, etc. going all the way back to Krsna. I stated that each of these masters its their job, its their field of study to study the Bhagavad-Gita. I further stated that it is vital for him to share the knowledge of my book to others with intelligent people like himself. I mentioned that I cannot reach the masses on my own. I stated how the knowledge of the Bhagavad-Gita was also lost at one time in history because their was a time when there were not any qualified people to learn and carry-on the knowledge. So I presented him with the book emphasising the necessity for educating and informing others. He graciously accepted my offer. At first he decided that he cannot take my book for free, however I reminded him that we are truly one family and that his accepting is as much a gift as my giving. So he graciously accepted.

There was another gentleman who decided to ask about the book. After some talk, and understanding several points I had made, he had on three ocassions remained unconvinced about this one underlying question which his mind was lingering on. I had to present several points beforehand to show the existence of manipulations. He questioned the validity of not feeling sexual sensations altogether. Meaning, he posed a question of “Then if we get rid of sex, or get rid of desire then where is the pleasure in life” At this point we were both in a seated position, since the wind had blown my sign twice and the gentleman suggested we should sit. So, this seated position allowed for a deeper focus on the topic at hand. I proceeded calmly. I explained that when two people are truly communicating, that is a sacred thing. You do not have access to someone’s thoughts or feelings. When they decide to be honest with you, and share what they are thinking and feeling, it is a gift that is … tremendously precious. When you communicate caring, respect and love to your partner through talking, writing a poem, cooking food, presenting flowers, working and as you are sweating or working hard at your work, you are conscious that you are doing it for her … Likewise, you can caress her face as a gesture of what you think and feel about her, and make love to her, making every touch a gesture of what you think and feel about her.. to use sex as a means of expressing of your love rather than being driven by passion to interact with her … to interact with her consciously. With this informed talk, he was sufficiently impressed and had come to recognise the significance, magnitude, positivity, and necessity of this work for the masses. What allowed for this deeper communication to take place was his and my sufficient calmness, his willingness to really hear and try to understand what I am sharing with him, and my ability both to listen to actually what are his concerns and for me to communicate my response effectively.

That is why I do not shout in speaker’s corner, because it induces chaos. It is the antithesis of calm. That day several individuals approached me, some I knew before and some were new. These several individuals without my coercion spoke of how they appreciate how I am conducting this presentation/talk of mine. Since there are so many people shouting and creating a circus or hellish atmosphere. This time I had no sign stating anything about silence, and nothing about “Talk-Calm=Chaos”

Now, I have only one new copy left – besides my promotional copy – to present to someone in the BBC which I met thrice whom showed positive interest in getting the book directly from me. I keep trying to meet him again, and have not succeeded yet 🙂

2010 September 11th Encounter with two Open minded & Open Hearted Individuals

Today I was walking through the streets with my sign which stated:



As I was walking by a gentleman who was passing out some CDs He asked me what my sign was about. His reaction was positive, and he told me about himself. He said that he is a musician who lives in a community where they go throughout various places helping people. Lastly he said it was Christian based. He offered me a free CD. As I was leaving I realised that it would be good for this gentleman to have my book, since he is of a good nature, and is helping people out. In addition he gave his CD out for free. So, I returned and offered my book to him for free. I pay full price for my books, and my money is scant. However him having the book, is a great place, since he is of a good nature, and he keeps good company and he will be able to inform others in his circle of friends about the existence of this book.

Further along, (miles away) I was walking by a table that was set-up for distribution of Islamic material. As I looked over, while passing by, one of the young gentlemen kindly said hello and invited me to come-over. Several people had gathered around. This gentleman’s friend started to talk to me about their views. He went straight to the heart of religion, and started talking about kindness. This young man’s talk allowed me to consider that he might be very aware of the hear t of religion. In his initial communication with me, he mentioned several points, none of which was the term Islam mentioned, nor the prophet of Islam. what was mentioned was sincerity, kindness, truth and the like. He also immediately spoke of sufism, which again gave me indicators that he is person of deep and accurate understanding. We talked further and into much more detail, and this talk confirmed to me about his depth of understanding. I also spoke with his friend to see his perspective. Having met such a person I saw it vitally important for him to have a copy of my book. His friend also can purchase the book as well, since he can get the book information from his friend. The same principle applies that he will know many people who are honest and like-minded and he can tell them about the book.

2010 September 3rd

At the moment I see a very good possibility of making it through this financial crisis. So things are looking up. Only time will tell. My deepest respects to you all.

2010 September 1st

Due to the unsteady nature of this life (compared to an ocean in Vedic literature) I have to place everything on autopilot. Anything you post will be posted automatically without my monitoring it. I might not be able to access this sight, since my earthly future is uncertain. Good cheer 🙂 really 🙂

You must share the knowledge in the book to those who will hear.

I hope to be around on this earth to finish my second book, to do with emotional fulfillment, but we are in an ocean my friend, we are in an ocean.

2010 August 25th

A Superbly Positive Encounter

A gentleman decided to speak to me today. He yelled out as I was passing-by, wanting to know what I was promoting? He said he has seen me twice or three times walking-by with my sign-board. Upon explaining to him what I was promoting showing him the book, explaining about the layout of the book, as well as explaining the sample of the knowledge, his response back was one of a very intelligent nature.

He said: (I cannot remember word for word)

Some would mistakenly consider what you are doing as a business and not recognize its true significance. The time you took this past 15 or 10 minutes to describe these things to me is worth – say – £100. He further went into more detail about the state of our world, and how it is vitally important for intelligent parents to educate their children on this knowledge. I mentioned to him that his role is essential, because he is the intelligent one, and if he knows similar intelligent people he can inform them of this knowledge and educate them on it. He stated that he is not that intelligent, and that all he does is to see reality as it is. I agreed with him, and stated that the intelligence which I speak of is simple honesty. It is simple. This truthfulness is true intelligence. This young man is a vital person whom I would love to be educating others on this book in the future. He has the book, and upon reading it and seeing the potency of the information, he will be deciding whether he will share the information with other people who use their intelligence.

Typical Encounters

Conversely in the past I have met people whom I spoke similarly to, explaining the layout of the book, and explaining a sample of the knowledge, demystifying some of the problem. Instead of appreciating what I have shared with them, they ask for me to share the solution/s to the problem. Many simply ask me “So what is the solution” Their comment is often followed by “I don’t have time to read the book.” Unbelievably some actually ask me to state the solution in one sentence, and some ask for a paragraph. I mention to them that I cannot share solutions with them because of the nature of the problem. If the solution was that simple that I could tell it to them in one sentence, or a paragraph, I would not need to write a book about it. I tell them: first one has to identify the hidden manipulations, which is what I shared with them then one has to know how the mind works, and then the solutions can be presented to cut the mind from these manipulations. Without knowing how the mind works the solutions would be meaningless. I tell them: You must get the book to understand.

The response I get many times is: Oh you want to sell your book. So it is a business, all you are about is money.

One gentleman whom I met on a Sunday and whom I spoke of before, showed signs of being a knowledgable person. He approched me because he overheard me speak of kindness as being important when I answered a question that was posed to me about what my religion was. This gentleman with some good initial dialogue, wanted to know what one of my solutions was. I stated twice that I cannot give him the solution, because one has to know how the mind works, otherwise it is useless. When I directed him to get the book, he mistakenly thought that all I am doing is a business. Even though he was softspoken, his remarks about me conducting business went on for more than just a passing comment that I could respond to, and I took it as an insult, and said to him, how soon you have determined that I am only for business. Upon talking back and forth, he wanted me to give him a session of instruction. I said that sessions are not light, they require being thourough. I took a bit of time to think to myself. and thought if this is a person of quality who is asking to have a session, well this is a great opportunity to start teaching right here and now. You see I go to speaker’s corner to introduce the book to people. So talking t over with him, we decided to do a session. So we sat down, and started to read the first insight. by the second insight, the gentleman recognized the potency of the material in the book, and stated on his own that this is something that I need to take my time reading slowly, and seriously. He said he will look into the book.

Essentially, people make up their own mind about my motivations. Here I have devoted my life to searching for truth in spirituality, love and release from lust, and have reached conclusive and phenomenal2 results in all three ventures. The honest discerning, inquisitive and appreciative truthseekers are the ones who can decide to benefit from this knowledge. I am happy for those truthseekers

2010 August 23, 24, 25, 26

Over the past few months I have been hanging around a media company, with my sign-board at the sidewalk. My reason was that if you have something truly significant you do not just sit at home wishing people will find out. You go out and let people know about it. So that is what I have been doing. Basically, I carry my sign-board and book sample to most places I go to, to let people know about this book. I met a number of people who engaged in conversation with me outside the media company. One of them in particular, a gentleman took a genuine interest in my background, and in other meetings with him, he asked me about my book. I had no extra copies. I found a bookstore that delivers it fast (Foyles on Charing Cross) within 10 business days. So I got the book and have been waiting around to present it to the gentleman. Anyhow, On the 25th I stoodout while it was raining heavily and not so heavily at times, with my umbrela, hoping to see the gentleman. I kept moving around and exercising to keep my body temperature up, so I can remain out there without having to freeze. I tried to remain in the lobby of the media center, however the security guard within on premesis did not like me staying inside for long, if I have no official business, and if I do not know who I am waiting for. So I stated that I will wait outside in the rain. I understand that businesses and other systems of operation have their set rules. People who do not fit neatly in any particular category often get miscategorized. That is the nature of systems. A sysem does not think. I believe that is why the jury system was put in place, because ultimately humans should decide another human’s fate not a system.

2010 August 1st, 8th, 15th Speaker’s Corner

Positive Experiences on the 15th

My sign attracted at least 3 gentlemen, who took time to either stand with me or sit with me and discuss ideas. One gentleman tried to pinpoint what my religion is. I kept stating that it is truth. I believe in being kind, understanding and honest. This exchange with this gentleman allowed another person nearby to hear my views and came over to explore what I have to say.

On the 15th:
Upon closer observation of the Speakers and the people gathered to listen, I came to realise the following: In one instance a gentleman was speaking on something that did not make practical sense. Even though many people had gathered, a few of the people started questioning the speaker in what seemed like heckling. Actually, what I thought was happening was that when some people perceive a speaker being dishonest, or impractical they pose questions at him and show the ridiculousness of what is being said. So, in a sense, these hecklers are intelligent enough to spot someone speaking impractically. I am not speaking of all hecklers as being positive.


I was sitting displaying my book, and a sign stating: “Open to Bliss The Book”. In addition, I had cardboard hanging from the fence behind me stating information on the book, and how sex is sacred, and for people to save their relationships, and develop themselves. A gentleman came to set up his ladder (to stand on and speak) and set it up 6 feet to my left. I thought of his set up as an intervention on my staying there. Essentially people would gather and it would over-crowd me. I did not say anything to the gentleman, because it was obvious what he was doing, and there is no point of me pointing out the obvious. Of course, I also knew that the place to my left was a very popular spot and it would get busy anyway. So it is my own fault also. People started to gather and eventually I had to let some of the people know that they are standing in front of my signs. Many listened and moved. However, one gentleman did not, and stated, “This is speaker’s Corner I could stand wherever I want, you move!” To give you a better idea, he was standing one foot away from me, right in front of me. I found his action and comments to be discourteous. Eventually, I tried to speak to the preacher to my left, who had set-up his ladder, to no avail. I wanted to let him know that his listeners are standing directly in front of me. Since he was speaking so loud, I tried to speak loud to get his attention, and he would not listen at all. It is possible that he did not listen since earlier on he was making some impractical remarks which I could not help but laugh at. Anyway, so I kept saying “hello, Sir, hello, hello over and over again” I must have done it over 11 times.
Upon analyzing the situation, I picked up everything and moved to another area. I would like to be in a peaceful atmosphere. Being close to chaos is only chaos. Now, I was close to another preacher, and this gentleman tried to pick on me, trying to show that I am not in a positive happy place. He was basically judging me by stating that what I believe is wrong and low, and that what he believes in is right and high. This preacher was speaking impractically and many came to hear him, and two gentlemen started picking at him, because he was so impractical. I analyzed the situation again, and decided I would like to move again to a more peaceful place.

So I moved. Maybe I shall have to get a ladder to stand on to not be crowded in. I will think about it. However, do I want to be around people who are discourteous? ha ha ha. It is generally not good to be around discourteous people. However a master might choose to remain to be of education to the public.

I was holding a sign which stated:

“Shouting = Chaos
Many People do not know
How to discuss
They are not Calm
not %100 Honest
They do not appreciate Silence & Love”

I had this sign to attract people who are intelligent and appreciate silence. It is these people that I wanted to speak with. I was not interested in gathering a crowd. I also had that sign to remind people of the importance of silence and calmness. Some speakers shout, they get their emotions involved, and their blood pumping and they lose their objectivity.

A young lady and her gentleman friend, A poet, came by and the young lady (let’s call her K) asked me what I am here for. I discussed with K as I do with everyone else, that I am here to remind people to first be calm, otherwise a discussion is not possible. I am here to talk with people who appreciate silence. Secondly I mentioned that I have written a book on sexual addiction. At this moment a lady (around 45+ yrs old – let’s call her D – and her 10 yrd old child) was talking to the poet. Upon hearing that I am talking about sex, D immediately interrupted our conversation and started accusing me of having a conversation with the K only because of personal sexual interest. She stated that the sign that I was holding had nothing to do with sex, but when I am speaking with a lady I bring up sexual subjects, to trick ladies into sexual activity. D would not allow me to talk K. D kept spouting accusations, even after she realized that she had done a serious blunder, since the signs that I was displaying on the cardboards hanging on the fence behind me stated the information was of a sexual nature. The first time that D interrupted me, I mentioned to D that I am in the middle of talking with K, and I would have to finish talking with K, and then I would address her (D’s) situation. However D responded: “This is speaker’s corner and I could interrupt if I want”. So, here I am talking, and this lady thinks that it is alright for her to just interrupt two people in the middle of a conversation, uninvited, and then continue to disrupt even after she has been told that she is interrupting. D did not allow me to talk to K, since D would not cease talking. D stated some vulgar statements, that one should not use in front of children. I was surprised that she would use such language in the presence of her young child. Once I noticed that D kept talking, interrupting, and had lost her objectivity and it is a disadvantageous situation to have any sort of discussion with D I did not talk with d at all. She left in about 5 minutes. I immediately recognized that this is not a person to have a conversation with. So I did not disrespect her by any words. I simply did not talk to her, because I know that we would not be able to properly communicate. I was not about to start communicating with someone who has shown signs of volatility.
Of course it is understandable that if D thought that my intentions were insincere and purely sexually motivated, and that I have a disregard for women for D to display some D’s behavior. The problem is that D has jumped to conclusion too quickly, and with much inaccuracy. As I have stated in my book, people who gain access to hundreds of factual  information of how I conducted myself in the past when I was still struggling with sexual fixations can also build their incorrect opinions of me all they want, but they still do not know accurately the person that I was, and the person that I am.  No one has access to another person’s mind or heart to adequately judge them.

Here are some recent pictures that a gentleman was kind enough to send me.
Photos by “SB”

Photos by “SB ”

Photos by “SB ”

Photos by “SB ”

2010 August 3rd

No further news will be posted until further notice
(Due to the unsteady nature of society, it might force me to depart society)

2010 July 25th Speaker’s Corner

Again I went to Hyde Park to possibly meet some intelligent people and those who have a chance of being guided.
In the midst of the shouting and loud speaking of others, I sat quietly awaiting the gathering of the wise, and those whom as the Buddha says have little dust on their eyes. Here is one inteligent lady who approached and showed great interest in the significance of the book. She asked if it is alright to take a picture with her, and I asked if she could send it to me. 🙂

I met another intelligent lady, and at least two other gentlemen.

I understand that all people have the potential to be very intelligent ad aware. I believe that due to a lack of a proper education they are not exposed to deep and true communication, deep and true analysis. It is this lack of education coupled with an education which is faulty which misdirects people into an unstable mental, emotional, and spiritual life. There indeed is a lack of education on financal stability as well, which is the one area of life which I suffer from.

2010 July 19th Speaker’s Corner

I met a number of people at Hyde Park that were interested in the book.

2010 July 11th Speaker’s Corner

I went to Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park in London again this Sunday.

2010 July 8th Publicizing to people in the streets

I walked for 9 hours, with a sign board which read:

2010 July 4th Speaker’s Corner

I decided to go to Speaer’s Corner in Hyde Park. Considering there was a large number of people walking around, I displayed my black board stating: Master’s 1st Book on Solution to Sex Addiction “Open to Bliss”.  Noting that there are many children around I renamed the sign to : MAster’s 1st Book on Solution to Sensual Fixation “Open to Bliss”. The sheer mention of “Master” was enough to draw a tremendous amount of attention from the people walking by. In addition the word sex drew many responses as well. there was a concert in the park, so the number of people was larger than usual. I was not expecting any deep discutions, however as a place where a lot of people gather, and I can publuicize the book I thought that was a good place to do it.

2010 June 7th – July 7th Reaching out to the Public Directly

I would sit outside of a tube station entrance with a small chalk blackboard stating:

The interactions with people are usually very interesting. It often becomes problematic, as far as communications because we are usually on different levels of understanding. Basically some do not know what I am about. many would not be able to understand what I am about unless they go through years and years of indepth study. So what usually happens often is that they ask a question which stems from their perspective. They try to categorize me, box me in their understanding of reality. They do not understand that there is a reality, a truth that superceeds their artificial designations. So ultimately their questions are incorrect, limited, and stem from a lack of undertsanding. for example they ask questions like:

Are you a Muslim? Are you a Christian? Are you Jewish? Are you Hindu? Do you know Jesus?

This dialogue back and forth between people is a great avenue for educating those among the people who are open to furthering their learning. Those who gain understanding to the knowledge of peace, love, respect, truth, and deep understanding and who are not dependent on a brand name (Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, etc.) are guided on a deep and yet simple and pure truth. It is these people who are to make tremendous strides in improving their lives and developing a deep and thourough understanding of life, spirituality, and the information presented in various religious communications around the globe.

Some kids (12-15) posed better questions than adults. This is so because many kids are more real, more realistic, and not so fixed in opinions and brand names. So when a kid asks me what does it mean that I am a Master, and he receives the response which describes it, he is satisfied. However many other people have become frustrated with my seemingly circulative reponses, when in fact they do not realize that their question is incorrect in the first place. To them it seems circulative, because I am not answering them directly. However, many people when they ask such a limited question do not properly understand what they are asking. I purposefully do not allow others to box me in their limited perspective. My response to such people is that I encourage people to study various perspectives. Study one religion at a time, to be able to understand it deeply. For those who are stable in their understanding of one religion, I encourage studying other religions as well. I encourage, peace, respect, truth, love, and everything good. But I am not one for symbolism. There is a difference between symbols and the truth that it might stand for. For example, we use hand shakes to show respect. However, it is possible to shake hands without truly respecting another person. There are many formalities, and symbolisms and expressions that people use to symbolize respect, however these symbols are not the respect itself. They are symbols. I truly respect people, I do not insist on using symbols for the showing of that respect.

It is sad to see so many people not knowing how to talk. They constantly ask a question and they cut me while I am responding.  Surprisingly some cut me off less than a second, as soon as I utter a sound, some cut me off in 1 second, 2 seconds 5 seconds, 10 seconds, some habitually cut me off every 15 seconds, and some habitually cut me off every 30 seconds. They seem not to rarely listen. They seem not to truly understand HOW TO COMMUNICATE. Many people are simply unaware of how to communicate, why to communicate and what would be the benefit of communicating properly. Even more surprisingly some people ask a question and with half a second start to follow the question with explanations and other questions, and seem to go on a lecture, and they even exlaim why is it that I am not responding, ha ha ha. They seem to be oblivious to the fact that they are the one’s who have been controlling the conversation for the past few minutes. These are symptoms of numerous people who are simply in distress, and their busy minds cannot stop and cannot rest. They cannot sit still. They cannot be Silent. Out of mercy for all beings, learned beings teach on the value of silence, and they try to teach, as I do, using various methods to help and direct them, this includes humour, it includes the use of showing the absurdity of the situation. I will give you an example:

So often I see people as they walk by they ask me a question and they keep walking. They apparently want me to form a response and yell out to them. They are physically distancing themselves from me making communication less effective. So, often I look at them as they are leaving, and that might help them to think why I did not respond?

One of the greatest gifts I can give people is silence. To listen to them honestly, and to speak honestly. but speak deeply and truthflly. When for various reasons communicatio of deep ruths is not posible I have to teach by the most simplest of means. In addition to mentioning that there is a lack of communication, due to a lack of respect, due to constantly being interrupted, due to the other person talking inceseantly.

2010 June 6th – Speaker’s Corner

June 6th I spoke about my book at Speaker’s Corner in London’s Hyde Park.
I was hoping to meet a large number of people who were intelligent and interested in the various speakers who were gathered to share their thoughts. However my observation was that the overwhelming number of people seemed to be just regular people gathered for their day in the park. It appeared that the speakers were simply entertainment to the people. People would be gathered around the speaker that captivated them by use of mind grabbing methods, similar to the one’s used in commercials. So, I was unimpressed. I did stand around, and a few intelligent people approached. That is what I was looking for. 🙂 A few intelligent people. I was not interested in yelling out loud for long periods speaking to people who are there for their amusement. Considering it takes me an hour to walk there and an hour back, I decided to go to Hyde park occasionally, instead of every Sunday.

2010 May 20th – June 5 Classes

May 20th 2010 – June 6th 2010 Amrita Yoga Shop at 208 Kings St in Hammersmith, London generously allowed me to put on a plethora of workshops for a few weeks to see how it will be received.


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