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Symbols: Infinity, Half Unraveled Infinity, Full Circle (Fully Unraveled Infinity), Halo (Mark of Sainthood)

Infinity: I use the symbol infinity and colours to represent the infinite variety of contrasts available in the universe, and a consciousness that is wrapped up in those contrasts. Pink is love. White is clarity.

Half Unraveled Infinity: The symbol for infinity halfway unraveled, I use to represent the individual progressing in understanding the similarity of many of these contrasts. Therefore, his or her consciousness is somewhat freed.

Full Circle (Fully Unraveled Infinity): The full circle represents a clear understanding of the unity, and sameness, the oneness of all that exists. The circle also symbolizes a mind that is free from biases, for bias itself is a contrast. It is a separation. The mind is completely free from infinite variety of duality, also known as contrast. For the purposes of this book, this freedom from duality refers to freedom of mind from contrasts in infinite variety that are used to capture the attention of the mind and assert its validity and potency, by the sheer magnitude of its impression on the mind. Even though, I employ speaking about freedom from attraction for the purpose of freeing the mind from unwanted sexual influences, the student will become astute at defending the mind from other sources as well.

Halo (Mark of Sainthood): The Halo symbolizes a person who eternally personifies the sober, blissful nature of an uncluttered mind (Full Circle). Having achieved a blissful consciousness, one can fall down again. However, with practice one can establish the blissful consciousness, so that it remains eternally.

Explanation: Sexual fixation’s essential method of operation is by the use of infinite contrasts. Composed of colours, shapes, sizes, patterns, ideas, identities, and everything possible to intertwine and overlap each other, these infinite contrasts create a never-ending always-changing maze, which captivates, and amazes the mind on conscious and subconscious levels. Contrasts, also known as dualities, when unraveled, untwisted, demystified, and understood begin to show many of their similarities. As you understand the contrasts, and their reason of impact on the mind, you gain knowledge of the nature and function of the mind. The mind’s nature is that it becomes a reflection of whatever it is focused on. With every unraveling, a new unity of contrasts is discovered and this new understanding is reflected in the nature and function of the mind, making the mind more centered.
The infinite contrasts are seen in their true form, as non-different from any other form. The mind has come to understand the ONE nature of all contrasts. Likewise, the mind in this state displays its original pure and pristine nature. In such a state one is fully centered and through this purified awareness experiences silence, tranquility and calm to no end. Serene, the student is on the road to Self-Mastery. He or she is on the road to Mastering the Mind.
Heaven is established within oneself and within one’s mind and one experiences heavenly Bliss. In short, the infinite contrasts are seen as having one nature. In the absence of contrasts, the mind, similarly, is at ease, to be and exude its true nature and function, which is clarity. Just as an eye functions best when clear, in order to transmit to the mind clearly what it sees, similarly the mind functions at its best when clear, in order to transmit to the individual clearly the information that it receives, without tainting it with any bias. With such clarity of the pristine mind the individual can be clearly aware of his phenomenal self, which is existence and life, and which is full of bliss. A person, who has achieved the freedom from duality (Full Circle), is able to be brought down again under the influence of contrasts. However, since (s)he has tasted, or experienced, this blissful state of consciousness, (s)he can recall it at any point of their lives, and recognize the trouble facing them as an illusion. This person has the ability to re-establish that unique freeing consciousness in their mind, so that more and more that consciousness is established in the mind rather than the illusory state.
The person’s consciousness will eventually reach a never ending state of blissful awareness of the heavenly state of himself, and of the universe around him. Regardless of experiencing enlightment or illusion he knows the world’s actual position and lives according to that perspective, untouched by the world and untouched by the states of his mind (illusion or enlightment). She or He has embodied sainthood. She or He is a saint, awakened to their divinity and embodies it. Hence, the symbol of the Full Circle appears on his or her head as if they are wearing it. Actually they emanate bliss. The halo is an eternal blissful perspective (Full Circle) personified.
Paramahansa Yogananda came to the west to awaken people to their sainthood. Islam’s Prophet was taught of 50 prayers a day, meaning always being God conscious. The Prophet and many of his companions practiced and emphasized being compassionate, forgiving, understanding non-judgmental, and kind. Jesus of Nazareth spoke of being born again, meaning being childlike. That means to embody and become innocent, sweet and gentle. Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita reminds and affirms clearly our true divine-selves, and speaks on how to awaken to our divine consciousness and to put into practice and embody our innate spiritual-selves. Baha’u’llah teaches the divine spirit of God’s presence in every Prophet and encourages humbleness and immersing oneself with love toward God. All messengers above and more have encouraged practicing and embodying, care, contemplation, silence, and love.


From the book Open to Bliss by Omid Mankoo

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