About Omid

This is not an ordinary site. Here you have access to the third successful significant research undertaken by Sage Hope. It is THE answer on how to overcome lust.

A bit of background. People ask me why I am homeless? Why Don’t I get a job and help myself.  Sure, I can get a job working say at McDonalds, and work for myself save the money and buy a house. but you see, How can I work for myself when people are suffering from sexual lust and their lives are falling apart when I have the answer to their problem? I can maintain myself on the streets, while I get this emergency knowledge to people.  I contacted All Newspapers and tabloids, radio stations, television stations in the united states and the united kingdom, I also contacted many groups and religious organizations, and they all were just busy enough with their own activity not to take notice of what I am offering. So I realized I have to do everything myself. and now I am concentrating on doing just that.


Omid Mankoo SH… (Sage Hope) using uncompromising honesty immersed himself in search of

  • The existence of God
  • Love (Emotional Fulfillment)
  • Sexual Attraction (Fixation & Addiction).

He reached each of his goals, and he was richly rewarded with profound knowledge on various related subjects that remain hidden from biased minds.

He is sharing this knowledge with those who have the ability to receive, by his written works, lectures, and private instruction.

His first in a series of enriching works is: Open to Bliss… Which is the solution manual to sexual fixation & addiction.


Taught & Guided by Supreme Teachers:

God is first and foremost, the best and most thorough teacher. Omid is a rare Spiritual Master who has taken as teacher God, with the aid of silence and truth including other scholarly teachers and regarded them as his own. He shares with pleasure, caring, compassion and for the education of the world the detailed body of work dispelling the illusion of sexual attraction, by his first Book: “Open to Bliss, Sage Hope´s 1st Gift to Humanity, The Definitive & Complete Solution Manual to Sexual Attraction & Addiction”

A Rare Spiritual Master:

It is indeed rare to find a person who is astute and unbiased in the study, verification and application of spiritual knowledge of various religions. However, according to Omid, it should not be rare. He states that every one of us has the ability to understand the rich information in religions. “However, many because of biases, lack of interest, confusion, or lack of time fail to see the messages clearly. It is rather elementary, and that is why every sweet loving child is a true master . Many adults have learned a lot of misinformation that has made their thinking dull and jaded.”

On Spirituality:

“Spirituality is a process of stripping away the garbage that we mistakenly think to be true. We have believed many lies. Spirituality is about clarifying and enlightening one another about the very real truth. Many of such truths can be verified in your daily lives. Without such verifications you would be incapable of determining truth from falsehoods, and you can be lead astray by any and everyone that crosses your path.”

On Mastership:

Mastership is about returning to childhood innocence. The Mastership which Omid speaks of, in referring to himself, is one of Mastering himself. Indeed, he declares that each one of us has the ability to Master ourselves. Omid is not fond of titles. He is usually stripping away untruths that are often hidden behind words. However, it is important for him to communicate to you, in some way, of the significance of the knowledge which he possesses and the type of person he is.

In His Own Words:

“Truthfully, we are all the same, Infinitely Precious, Divine and Phenomenal. An ant in the face of all of existence ought to remain humble, however, in the face of his own existence ought to remain awestruck of this unknown inexplicable life which (s)he is”. “I see the necessity of people learning gradually, because even though the solutions are present, hardly anyone grasps it. Approach me for guidance and I will present to you a step by step approach to spiritual knowledge.”

Expert in:

Learn from Omid if you are a truth seeker and are looking for a commonsense, truthful spiritual approach to understanding and improving human relations, self-esteem, emotional fulfillment, emotional dependency, possessiveness, jealousy, sexual fixations and want inquisitive and deep insights into spirituality rather than a narrow dogmatic thinking.

Studies in His Early Years:

An honest introspective researcher, into the matters of heart, mind, and spirit, Omid first took to the study of God from age of six years old and 11 months, when the subject of God was introduced to him in second grade. He started looking with great depth and honesty into religious and non-religious information, about the nature of God and existence, and arguments for and against the existence of God. Overcoming religious, racial, and gender biases, he has put aside dogma, and looked earnestly into the religious scriptures of the world, in order to understand what the intended meaning of the author of the scripture is trying to communicate. He has found deep enlightening truths to permeate all true revelations. He has tested, questioned and analyzed these truths with scrutiny and from various perspectives every step of the way. His first Book “Open to Bliss…” is, the first of a series of books, to be a guide for those with honest minds, who thirst for practical knowledge, about problems which they seem great difficulty to find answers to. In short, these bodies of knowledge are guidance for humanity.

His View of Beings:

Omid sees himself as part of this grand Universe belonging to none and yet belonging to all. In his understanding there is no superiority or inferiority of some people in one country over people in another. All are one family. All exist and are living beings, each infinitely precious. This is true of all beings. There is no superiority of any animal or species over another. All are living beings.

Family Background & Years to Complete His First Book:

Omid is an Iranian name, which means hope. Mankoo is a name from India . He was born on October, 27, 1967, in London , England . His mother’s ethnicity is Iranian (Persian). She was born in the country of Iran . His grandfather’s (father’s father) ethnicity is Indian ( India ). He raised his children in the country of Kenya , Africa . Omid was born in Hammersmith, London , England (now also known as The United Kingdom).

He took 4 ½ years to research and complete his first book. He wrote the major portions of it in three years, Jan 1999-Jan 2002, followed by 5 years involvement in other work and a year and a half more, Nov 2006-April, 1, 2008 and the book was completed.

Childhood Years’ Schooling & Independent Introspection:

His mother and father were no longer together, when he was very young. When he was 3 ½ age 4, his mother took him to Iran to be raised there. English was his first spoken language. In Iran , she put him in a school that taught classes both in English and in Farsi (Persian language), for 1st through 4th grade. 5th through 8th grade, he went to regular Iranian schools that taught primarily Persian, with English as a second language.

From second grade he was instructed about Islam, as part of the regular curriculum in Iran . He earnestly took to study and learned about Islam, because he wanted to know about God’s existence. He observed, thought of, analyzed and questioned, on his own, every statement made by the teachers, to ascertain the validity of their statements. His natural interest, in the existence of God, enabled him to memorize every sentence spoken by the teachers, and to analyze their statements later, when he was at home. There was an incident where his mother was passing by him around nine years old. She saw him sitting, leaned against the wall of his room, with his hand touching his lower lip, and she said: “Why don’t you get up and do something? (waving her outstretched hands somewhat wildly to indicate motion)” Interrupted from his deep thoughts, he responded: “I am doing something, I am thinking.”

Exposed to Sexual Misinformation, his Independent Research & Contemplation:

Unfortunately at around age eight years of age he was unwittingly exposed to certain sexual material. Although he was under the influence of sexual misinformation, he was deeply and truthfully searching for God. He studied with considerable insightful thought by considering any viewpoint that he could think of. He would consider the viewpoints of believers in God, non-believers and the point of view of the unsure observer.

At age 15, he came to the United States and for six or seven years he studied Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism. All scriptures were helpful in his understanding God, life and morality better. However, guided and taught by God he was introduced to the knowledge contained in the Bhagavad-Gita, which was quite extraordinary for him. It was a great help in his road to uncovering the sources of lust, as well as overcoming it.

In His Own Words. The Purpose of Writing His First Book:

“Many people, like me, have been under great sexual influence. I wrote this book to share information that would help free them from sexual influences. In addition, I hope that certain sections, of this information, are passed on as part of a continuing education for our children. It is important that our children receive the guiding truthful information, before the negative and misleading information reaches them. In this way they can more easily bypass the dangers of sexual misinformation and its various influences.”

The Problem Should Be Addressed Directly:

“The extent of the problem is deep and vast. To help these people, I have to address the issue specifically, however, I will use discretion if I can get my point across. I acknowledge the saints and messengers of God, from the endless past till the endless future. I regret various episodes in my life that were sexually influenced. I am intelligent enough to know that at that time, I had no knowledge to adequately understand and get out from under these sexual influences”. “I am thankful of God’s endless mercy, forgiveness, and guidance. God is the best of teachers and the best of everything.”

Corroboration & Validation of Experiences:

Five years later he was guided to study an ancient Indian scripture which described his earlier spiritual experiences. The knowledge of the scripture was billions and billions of years old. It was re-spoken 5000 years ago to a person who could understand it. As is stated in this scripture, seek the guidance of a spiritual teacher because he has seen the truth and can help guide you to it. Omid Mankoo, is just such a teacher. Even though he is a Spiritual Instructor, this does not make him impractical.

Ready to Teach On Love (Emotional Fulfillment), He Saw a Need to Solve Sexual Attraction & Sexual Fixation / Addiction:

He took to understanding spirituality through study, validation, and application of world religions. In the midst of his studies, he fell into a deep love-related depression which he faced head-on, lasting five years. The culmination of his heartache was his profound breakthrough and insight into emotional fulfillment. Never would he cry again out of such devastating helplessness and misery. Prior to finding and understanding the solution, he used to cry daily. Now, love was no longer a mystery. It was unveiled, understood, reached and fulfilled. Having solved this great mystery, he was set to share his findings on emotional fulfillment to the world, because no one should feel such emotional hurt. However, he became aware of another powerful and formidable mystery facing him. Confronted with this inner turmoil about the subject matter and recognizing the significance and the tremendous potency of this sexual attraction, he turned all abilities honed through the years, to name a few his skillful attention, diligent tenacity, precise thinking ability, uncompromising honesty, spiritual insight and knowledge of the inner-workings of the mind toward solving this mystery.

His Solution is presented in His First Book:

Present in “Open to Bliss” are his insights by which he unraveled and understood this grand and perplexing mystery and the methods he applied to release himself from the clutches of sexual attraction and fixation.


Omid Mankoo SH…

Extended section of Life Events

  • My homelessness & helping others
  • Being held at gunpoint
  • Choosing the book cover & title
  • Risking homelessness again to make sure the book got published correctly
  • My arrest
  • Going back to London

My Homelessness and helping others

I was homeless for 8 years from 2001-2009. While volunteering at a store two men approached me at gunpoint. The only thought that went through my head, was that I haven’t written the book, and all the people are left helpless against the sexual influences. During the 8 years of homelessness in the United States I had spent the first 3 years sleeping in my car. 5 more years I was sleeping at the back of the store that I was volunteering in. when the store I was volunteering at went out of business, I had enough money to get a ticket to London. I estimated that I would need two months to be able to go through and tie up loose ends in the book to complete it. An acquaintance in the U.S. offered me to stay with them behind their store, for one month and then with the added understanding that I would be on the streets once the month was over, which was not enough. I calculated staying at a motel for two months and still my finances were not enough to guarantee me two months. I was thinking of the motel since I would be able to take my computer there and work on the book. The only option that I saw was for me to go to London and stay with a relative and work on my book for two months, to get the book finished. In addition I could start a life there.” So that is what I did, I went to London.

How I Created the Title of Book and Front Cover Design

I managed to complete the book in two months. The last thing I needed to do was to figure out a name and a front cover. I had since the beginning said that I would not even think about the book title and front cover picture until the book is complete, so that I could fully concentrate on it when the time came. Throughout the years, I would jot down notes of ideas, words, and designs for the front cover that I would come across, or happen to notice are good ideas. Once the book was completed, I went to a book store called Waterstones in London, and went to the metaphysical (metaphysical means beyond matter i.e. spiritual) section and looked at every title, and front cover design. I jotted down notes, and I looked at a few other sections as well, but then I went home, and started trying to determine what would be a good title. It was harder than I thought, especially since I had to pick a title in such a way that people will clearly understand that the book is the solution to sexual addiction however they would not be afraid to buy it. Since if they attempt to buy it, it would be very difficult because it would suggest that they are sexually addicted. As my mind began feeling a bit of tension, I immediately noticed this tension, and of course I knew that this way of tension will not allow me to think of the title. So I reversed my thinking process into calmness and clarity. what I did was to lie on my bed and relax my mind. I took out a card game that has very imaginative drawings that might give me ideas, and I decided to play with them. I knew that I would need to play and allow my mind to relax and just be. nothing came to mind. I put the cards back in their place.

I thought to myself, essentially the problem in the cover is that people are turned off by the sexual addiction which is a problem, they are turned off by seeing the negative. But I have the solution, which is a positive, so I thought that I could name the book after the solution rather than the problem. In addition I was always in favor of providing what this entire book is really about, summed up in the front cover design, as well as its title. While thinking of the entire book knowledge, it was the complex made and shown to be quite simple. I had in my mind always the idea of infinity as a design, and when I thought of one’s state of mind, once the solution is applied, one’s mind is in peace, it is in this peace that one has the potential to experience bliss. The idea of a pure mind would be a round circle and meanwhile I had two rubber bands in front of me, that were originally wrapped around the cards. I picked one up and twisted it which gave the infinity symbol and opened it to see the full circle, and essentially I had figured out that the infinite attention grabbing data when untwisted and seen as it really is, it is seen as a simple circle. So I had an Aha! moment, as if a light went on in my head, I got up slowly, knowing full well, that I had the Title to my book “Open to Bliss” along with a preliminary idea of the front cover, which was an infinity symbol opening up into a circle. Over the next week or two I was busy designing the front cover with the only two tools I had which was Microsoft word, and Paint. I sent the all the information to the publisher.

Risking Homelessness to get the Book Published

Aug 28 2008 – My finances were very low, and the publisher asked for more money to be able to place the index in the book. Not knowing what other unforeseen costs I may have to provide, as well as having an 8 hour time difference between London and the United States, I saw it necessary to go back to the united States. I risked homelessness by going from London back to America, using my return ticket, to make sure the last stages of my book were published correctly. 5 months I stayed at an acquaintance’s house. 10 months I was on the streets. On May, 6, 2009 I sent out the press release letting know that the book is ready for sale. During the 10 months with the help of three friends I opened up an account in a bank, got a gym membership. At night I would stay in the gym to stay warm, as well as I could exercise. normally my exercises would take 8 hours anyway. I was in really bad shape, so I needed to do a number of specific stretching and warm up exercise in addition to strength exercises.

Being completely on the streets, with no Gym to stay at night

At day I would try to catch some sleep at a bench, bookstore, library, park, and trying to not be hassled by some policemen. During the time when a lot of banks were going out of business, so some banks were merging with others, My bank started changing their rules, and since one of my friends that was helping me with money for the gym was late, the late fees went soring to $400 in a short period. I closed my bank account. I left the gym, and decided to go to CSUN, which is a university in southern California. I would have access to unlimited internet use, to be able to publicize my book, look for jobs, stay in touch with friends, and start and complete my second book on love, which is so desperately needed by millions of people who are hurting emotionally. I wanted to complete the second book as soon as I could. No one should be hurting, when I have the clear solution. I needed to get the information to them. I was now completely on the streets. I had prepared by having a scarf to wrap around my face, with two beany hats, a warm jacket underneath and a thin wind resistant jacket above. The same was true for my pants. I had met an acquaintance from the gym invite me for thanksgiving dinner and then drove me to CSUN. I went to CSUN, thinking I would play my flute underneath the library where it echos, and at daytime sleep inside the library, which I had researched that they would allow that. anyhow. It was too cold at night for me to stay awake and play. so I went behind the stairs and out of necessity to keep warm I had to sleep. and I slept.

When I awoke, the library was closed, and so I went to look at the surrounding neighborhood. by the way I had food stamps, so I had enough food. I walked for a total of 18 hours. I started at 6:30 in the morning and got back at 1:30 am in the morning. Basically I had gone south on Reseda (a street) down to Ventura Blvd. turned left, which is east and went all the way down looking at shops, applying for jobs, and making a mental note of where everything is, such as yoga studios, churches, etc. I got as far as Psychic Eye Which is a store. When I got back I was so tired I went to sleep.

Being arrested by Gonzalez badge #1505 of CSUN Police

(the following account is not word for word accurate since it has been a while since my arrest)
The second night when I got up at 6:30, I went in front of the steps, put down a mat on the floor to keep away from dust. I got the Bhagavad-Gita out and read and viewed life afresh. I worked on my resume for a specific job that was waiting for my resume, and it looked very promising. Then a man approached on a bicycle and asked very abruptly,

– “what are you doing here?”
= I answered “I am reading my ancient Indian Scripture, and working on my resume, and waiting for the library to open”
– Are you a CSUN student?
= no
– where did you come from?
= from simi valley
– (meanwhile I was thinking this is probably the campus security, and I figured they are very accepting of homeless people, since they had allowed homeless people to sleep in the library, and recently they had students sleep outside on campus to see how the homeless feel.)
– how long have you been here?
= two days (my answer was longer however this will do for this account)
– Do you have your ID?
= no, it is inside my bag. ( pointing behind the stairs)
– why is it behind the stairs?
= that is where I slept
– how long have you been sleeping there?
= two days
– I need you to get your ID
= I am not going to give you my ID
– You have to show me your ID, you are under arrest, you have slept on state property
= Its within my rights not to show you my ID, I have done nothing wrong. I slept because of necessity for my survival.
– You either show me your ID or I will arrest you
= I have done nothing wrong (at this moment i don’t even know who this guy is)
= who are you?
– CSUN Police
=(this remark didn’t tell me much) meaning I didn’t know if he was a real policeman or just a security guard.

Making a long story short he arrested me and sent me to jail. I was in jail for two days, faced a fine of $200 ate awful lifeless food, saw some people being taken by a policeman to a hidden area with saying “we are going to have a talk” and hearing one possibly two loud thumping sounds as if some one was getting hit really hard. By the way prison food should be unlawful. It is so terrible, it takes the joy of life right out of you. There is no enjoyment in it. I talked with other inmates, one told me he was sleeping in his bed when the police crashed in his apartment pointing at a gun straight to his face for no reason at all. talking with the inmates where good, because they informed me that even if I sat at a bus stop, which is what I was planning to do, the police could arrest me. The $200 fine was dropped. I was let go, and I Was told I was not allowed within 100 yards of CSUN for one year. The arrest report was previously online, but has been removed, fortunately I had copied it beforehand, here it is.

Report #: 091302

Offense: Obstruct Police Officer

Date Occurred: 11/29/09 @ 09:10 HRS.

Date Reported: 11/29/09 @ 09:10 HRS.

Location: Oviatt Library

Synopsis: A CSUN police officer arrested 42-year-old Omid Mankoo for obstructing a police officer and lodging without permission. The suspect, not a CSUN student, was booked at LASD Lost Hills.

Disposition: Cleared by Arrest

Contact for Record Inquiries: Joy McConnell – Records Administrator

CSU, Northridge Department of Police Services – Records Unit


18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, CA 91330-8282

Phone: (818) 677-3224

Fax: (818) 677-5816

Back to London

So realizing that nowhere is safe from the abuse of the police, I decided I have to go back to London, since my book is complete and published, and I cannot continue here, trying to publicize the book. I will be stuck in an abusive system faced with fines one after another, probably left in prison till the end of my life, since I have no money, and what some police seem to care about is to box people in and get me into trouble, rather than really care about me. I have met some aware police officers who were supportive and understanding, and recognized that what I am actually doing is what they are doing, which is to help people. By some miracle (long story) I got to get my baggage from 20 miles away and made it to the airport where I chanced upon the number to one of my Uncles who arranged for a ticket back to London.

So I made it back to London. I am at a relative’s house. looking for work. I want to get busy writing my second book, which presents the solution to love and emotional happiness. This is greatly needed as is the solution to sexual addiction.

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