More being added:

For understanding / Studying Spirituality, personally, and or through the study of religions, and whatever else is out there,
One must distinguish truth from falsehood.
One must consider various perspectives.
One must get to the richest source and oldest source of information as poissible to be able to get the most accurate as possible version of the ancient religious texts.
One must consider various obstacles in one’s quest for truth, and endevour to minimze and or overcome them. I will outline many of these in the future.

Nanci Danison’s Afterlife Experience Part 1

Nanci Danison’s Afterlife Experience Part 2

Nanci Danison’s Afterlife Experience Part 3

Nanci Danison’s Afterlife Experience Part 4

Nanci Danison’s Afterlife Experience Part 5


Proof Of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey Into The Afterlife with Dr. Eben Alexander III

Near Death Experience – Meets God (really great for you to hear what happens afterwards)

Life After Death – Experienced by Children

Oprah Childrens Near Death Experiences Dr. Morse Presents

Jesus’ Teachings:

  1. Pauline Christianity:
    1. Written Articles :
        1. 1, 2000 Years of Pauline Christianity
        2. 2, Statements about Paul by Prominent Theologians and Bible Scholars
        3. 3, Paul and the Mystery Religions (the god Mithra’s story intermixed with Jesus’ Life to bring in converts)
        4. 4, Yeshua’s Predictions about the Corruption of His Teachings
      1. 1, YAHSHUA OR PAUL? ESSENE CHRISTIANITY VERSUS PAULIANITY – AN EXPOSE´ AND CALL TO ACTION – by Rev. Brother Nazariah, D.D. – “Paul was the first corrupter of the doctrines of Jesus” — Thomas Jefferson
    2. Videos:
          1. 1 Bart Ehrman interview – Hidden Christianity
          2. 2 MUST WATCH. How the bible got changed. Misquoting Jesus Speech at Stanford by Bart Ehrman
          3. 3

        START WATCHING FROM 2:40 about the inquisition

      1. Father Charles Moore:
        Father Charlie Moore speaks of near death experience 2:06 I was really giving it a chance to be true 2:36 we paid so much attention to original sin that we have fogotten about original innocence. When you hear Father Charlie (Father Charles Moore) you might mistakenly think he is off his roicker, meaning he might seem to you that he does not seem to make sense or he is incoherent, an dthings might not make sense to you, as if he is rambling on. However from the people who are in the know, meaning people who have actually experienced spirituality, they can recognize where he is coming from and what he is saying. I am oneof such people. When he speaks note that he speaks showing you his understanding of reality from the ground up. He sdays its about JOY!, INNOCENCE, LOVE, etc. These are not simplistic terms and just frigile human emotions. He is speaking from a deep understanding of what TRUTH is about, and what this world is REALLY about. however from the outside from the avergae daily person’s point of view, it seems that he and others like him, such as Jesus who spoke of love, and many others who spoke of kindness are just plain people. Truth be told, YES it is the plain people, the uncomplictaed people who grasp somethings which is invivisble to the minds of those who are living complicted lives, filled with the garbage of high status, or supposed cultured living. You have to unlearn the misinformation you have been taught. You have to see the lies for what they really are and cut yourself off from them and hold onto the truth.

        1. Divine Feminine Heart and Love,Robert Muller & Father Charles Moore
        2. Seekers vs Devotees
      2. 10

      Vatican Prepares for Annunaki Disclosure

  2. The Old Testament in light of the Sumerian Cuneforms:
    1. – Interview with Historian Zachariah Sitchin / Translator of Ancient Cuneform Clay Tablets (6/6)
    2. – Zecharia Sitchin – Sumerians, Annunaki and The 12th Planet (12/12)

Zachariah Sitchin Sumerians and the Anunnaki. Presentation By Zecharia Sitchin

Lloyd Pye – Everything You Know Is Wrong (scientific info on homonoids that live today) and more info matching Sitchin’s

Lost Pyramids & Other Hidden Ancient Artifacts, must see: 32:28

This secret footage took my BREATH AWAY! – Smuggled out at GREAT RISK!!! – about mount Sinai

Wow, you must see this if you are a Jew, a Muslim or Christian

Muslim Families Who Saved Jews in World War II

UFO with BMW Engine!

hitler antartica

UFO Alien Weapon Found In Russia (actually a super weapon, capable of blasting space craft as welll as asteroids)


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