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Natural curiosities about sex are often heightened by, hiding the anatomy and the information on sexes, exaggerating the differences between the sexes, and feeding the curiosity with doses of misinformation, in an endless variety of data addressed to the sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, thought and imagination of the person. (Now read insight 3, then read every insight after that)


We are naturally curious about many things, including our own and the opposite sex’s body. That is normal. However, some visual or auditory presentations of sex hook our attention, constantly playing touch and go with us, teasing us. This heightens our curiosity. It is an inaccurate statement to say that we have sexual attraction and sexual curiosity, TO SUCH AN INTENSE DEGREE from childhood. Rather, children’s curiosities are heightened by society. By showing a little and then not showing. By alluding to it, and by implying suggestions, the child at first does not understand, the child is puzzled by it. This adds more to the child’s curiosity on the nature of sex. This lures the child even more into trying to figure out what others are talking about. (continued in book)

00:00 – Insight 2
00:46 – Explanation: Important sentence
01:28 – Example A
03:32 – Importance of introductory info
04:18 – Societal gender exaggerations
04:33 – Evidence 1
04:57 – Evidence 2
07:11 – Important Sentence 2


Open to Bliss
by Omid Mankoo

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