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This first video is how the online video lessons will look like. This is actually the first Video. I have the various parts of the video annotated so that you can skip ahead and once you have watched it you can go to any particular section of the video that you remember quite easily. insight 1

  • 00:00 Silence to be natural at peace and to gather my thoughts on how to approach the subject matter ( Its important for you to know that I am not listening to anything on the headphones. I have them on for using the microphone. in the next videos I learned to place the headphones tucked in my shirt with the mic in front)
  • 01:31 No lust problem as a child
  • 3:14 Lack of knowledge from parents left you unprepared and you developed lust
  • 3:49 Single, married or in a relationship most have this common lust problem
  • 4:21 Many of you are in despair not knowing where to turn to for a solution and you don’t even know if there is a solution, many of you think how could there be a solution since you believe the lust that you experience to be natural
  • 5:35 you feel guilt (guilt will be dealt with
  • 5:45 it disturbs your relationship with yourself and with others.
  • 6:11 at time you feel lust is really right at times you feel lust is really wrong so you are mixed up about it
  • 6:35 There is a solution that makes sense and is practical. There is a science to it and you will learn it thoroughly and through practice

skillfully overcome lust.

  • 8:05 Intro about the Preliminary Info.
  • 9:18 Preliminary info Admit that you do not know whether the information that I have is true or not (be honest)
  • 11:07 Review of how to study the knowledge in the book
  • 13:06 INSIGHT 1
  • 16:55 Example of the growing vine
  • 18:44 First / early information + sexual sensation provides for the mis-information to take hold very strongly on the mind
  • 19:22 Since we undoubtedly experience the power of sexual sensations this gives us the impression of the truthfulness (validity) of the mis-information
  • 20:36 people are less likely to give up their original impressions on any matter including sexual information

Insights progressively build a clear picture of the nature of the problem and its solution.

Warning: By reading only the 40 sample insights out of 242 insights available in the book, you are still left helpless against sexual fixation/addiction. This is because,

Sexual addiction involves:

  • Numerous multi-layered methods of manipulations
  • Plethora of societal misconceptions
  • Lack of understanding of how the mind works
  • Lack of knowledge on how to set the mind free from such manipulations.

The written & video samples of the knowledge should indicate to you that the knowledge is :  

  • Significant
  • Potent
  • Common-sense
  • Easy to understand

so that you take the book seriously. I do not write fluff. Meaning, I do not write presenting light, superficial and trivial matters. This book is a monumental and historical work, significant and packed with solid profound knowledge. By insight 2, in the lengthy explanation part, I go into the heart of the matter and detail how attraction occurs. By insight #9 you are already in the thick of the book. The sooner you read, digest and get to work on applying the 242 insights to your life, the sooner you will progress to surmount this cunning deception. [insights are to be read in order] Ask your Qs at the bottom of each page.


Lack of information on sex allows misinformation to become the foundation of our sexual understanding. (Videos of each insight appear below the insight explanation. – scroll down)

  • Now read or watch video insight 2 straight-away.
  • Do not read explanations, unless you need to
  • Read the Insights in order


Parents and others are shy on the subject of sex. They wish not to talk about sex. Explaining nothing or very little, leaves the children unprepared. The children do not understand sex. Since they have no information about sex, they can be easily swayed by misinformation, which is fed to them by various sources. This is crucial, because our first experience, or first information about sex, often becomes the foundation on which we build our understanding of sex on. (continued in book)

This word-list appears under chapter pages.
Videos are relaxed for ease of understanding for the general public.
Clicking the words plays a video of the importance of the word while
studying/Exchange of information through discussions with others is encouraged.
Your method of study of the book should be concentrated, as the words above suggest.


Open to Bliss
by Omid Mankoo

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