Perspectives to Consider:

Advance in knowledge by considering various perspectives (whether they are right or wrong or partially right) and better yourself, rather than be stuck in a limited and confining viewpoint.

General Perspectives
As mentioned in the book, it is vitally important to the best of your ability to get an accurate understanding of your position/situation in the Universe. This means using the scientific information available to review and grasp as best as you can the reality of the largest view of the Universe as you can know, and each successive smaller portion of it down to the lowest/smallest known objects in the universe. Consider also the interaction and interrelation of the objects  and living beings within each level The reason why you are going over this, is so that you establish your mind in the reality of the situation that you are in. In this way the everyday problems suddenly do not seem so significant. It is crucially important to consider your position and situation in the Universe in order to understand how to live your life. More coming:

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