Learn or teach on your own, or
Get guidance from me on how to do so
Leave a Reply on page end & introduce yourself
(You are not required to provide email or real name. But give me a name. You can make up a unique name so that in future communications I know who I am talking to. However even this fake name I will be replacing in what is posted.)

1. Learn

Learn this knowledge EMPOWERING yourself . No longer will you be pushed and pulled, teased and manipulated by incessant and unwanted intrusive elements. You will master desire and remain happily in peace.

  1. View 31 book insights on page right
  2. Discuss 31 book insights on page right with me
  3. Get the book and discuss, with me, questions you have on the book

2. Teach

Teach others, EMPOWERING them. Exploring the information, allows them to thoroughly be acquainted with the knowledge which will slowly but surely bring them to a state of mastery, making their lives enriched far away from the entrapments of desire.

Teach others the book’s knowledge at a public area which minimizes being carried away by sexuality.

You can also learn the information & teach appropriate sections of the knowledge to your age appropriate children, family, partner, or friends, making them aware of the deceitful manipulations, and how to disengage & free the mind from them. Form a forum where people can mutually learn & discuss issues pertaining to sexual addiction, using the book as a guide.

3. Tell

Inform others of the existence of this knowledge by:

  1. Tell others to view or discuss 31 book insights, listed on page right
  2. Have these websites written in your wallet to share with people. book publisher’s website (XLibris.com/OpentoBliss), & this blog (sagehope.wordpress.com).
  3. Present the book as a gift. You can order it through many local bookstores. You can order it online.
  4. Mention the existance of this knowledge (the solution to sexual fixation) to your partner, friends, family, coworkers, religious members, & others by phone, email, and other means.
  5. Encourage friends, relatives and associates to help spread the word.
  6. Introduce the book at any public gathering (make sure children are not in hearing vicinity)
  7. Set up a weekly discussion, or form a book club at the library, college, university, bookstore, online, coffee shop, internet cafe, etc.
  8. Discuss various issues with people, informing them of solutions
  9. Tell celebrities, fans of celebrities, gossip (this is positive gossup)
  10. Tell Congressmen, Representatives, Governors, & other politicians
  11. Tell talk show hosts, newspapers, your favorite columnist, radio hosts, radio shows, news broadcasters, reporters on television, various television shows

How people’s lives and the world is impacted:

You will essentially be freeing people from the prison of lust. Your mind & the minds of whomever learns this knowledge will be at peace from sexual intrusions, free to pursue or improve whatever you set your mind on. This includes relationships, finances, sports, hobbies, science, religion, you name it.

You will be preventing many sexual assaults, marriages from dissolving & lives being ruined. The lives of whomever you encounter to guide has the potential to be significantly changed for the better to the degree that they are willing to expand their mind & learn.

You, yes you are a teacher. Whether you like it or not, everywhere you go people learn by your actions, speech, expressions of feelings, job, hobbies, how to live, your clothes & style, etc. They learn by example. If they see an attribute that you have that they would like to possess, they may try to emulate you. They may ask you how you went about achieving your goal. You have within your reach the solution to lust. The solution to be self-governing rather than being governed by lust.


Omid Mankoo SH…

Personal Instruction

I help people with relationships, emotional fulfillment, life, self-esteem, mastering your mind, solution to sexual fixations, etc.

  • Leave a reply at the page end, providing your email so we can correspond to see how I can assist in instructing you (nothing you post on this page will be posted publicly).
  • If you are a celebrity, or a person of some means, and you would like my personal visit to instruct you, state your preffered method of contact, by leaving a reply at the end of this page (nothing you post on this page will be posted publicly).

I deal with: God, Mind, Love, Sex
List in detail:

  1. Mind
    1. Mental Tranquility
    2. Anger
    3. Motivation
    4. Stress-Free Mind
    5. Understanding how the mind works
    6. How to remain uninfluenced by others
  2. Heart
    1. Emotional Fulfillment
      1. Emotional hurt
      2. Jealousy
      3. Possessiveness
      4. Emotional dependency
    2. Relationships
    3. Understanding People
    4. Self-Esteem
      1. Self-value
      2. Beauty
      3. Skill
    5. Intelligence
      1. Honesty
        1. Self-Honesty
        2. Honesty with others
        3. Being Non-judgmental
      2. Communication
        1. How to communicate effectively
        2. Discussions
        3. How to Take-Part in discussions
        4. How to Hold/Conduct Discussions
        5. How to Hold Deep Discussions
      3. How to Research/ Search For Truth
        1. Analyze
          1. How to think properly
          2. How to cease correct improper thinking
            1. False pride/ false ego
            2. Superiroty due to Country, Race, Nationality, Religion, knowledge, intelligence, etc.
    6. Spirit
      1. Spiritual Counseling
        1. Spiritual Instruction
        2. Guidance in Life
        3. Meditation
        4. Prayer
        5. Spirituality
        6. Enlightenment
        7. Yoga
        8. Teachings of Spirituality through World Religions –
          1. Buddhism
          2. Baha’i
          3. Christianity
          4. Hinduism
          5. Islam
          6. Judaism
          7. Sikhism
    7. Sexual Addiction
    8. Occupation
      1. How to determine Your Job in Life

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