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When the info & videos become numerous, they will be properly categorized and listed in a menu for ease of having an overview of them.

I am not saying these are correct or not correct. I am saying coionsider various perespectives. these perspectives are often not heard in mass media that IS SUPPOSED to address these issues, therefore they are listed here.

2:41 – 3:08 – 3:33 – 4:55 (parabens renamed by companies) – 6:44

2:20 What is aspartame: it is the fecal mater of the e-coli bacteria
the took it and genetically engeniered it and they can feed it toxic waste and it deficates (poops) Aspertame, and it has so many bad health effects its just unspeakable
2:50 side effects of Aspertame
3:05 A form of plastic in CHicken Mc nuggets & elsewhere? Dimethylpolysiloxane
10:28 VIral Meat Spray – th emeat you’ve been eating has been sprayed with a live virus on the meat to supposedly kill the bacteria
10:45 toxic waste dumped onto crops, the plants suck up the txins, (petrolium bi prodocuts) and then y ou eat the crops, so the toxins end up in you, killing you.

6:05 some chemical explaination of Aspartame which when broken down into the body it turns into formaldahyde (now a known cancer causing agent)


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