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The number of topics and ideas/perspectives and idiologies expressed in each video is not all approved by me. nonetheless it is good to consider various perspectives.

Lindsey Williams – Secrets Of The Elite Video – Mar. 2012 – 3 DVD Set
watch a few minutes then fast forward to 26:08 Wow Real good stuff , and insider telling how the elite shape the world

Your Birth Certificate is worth Billions.wmv

The Biggest Secret In American History..Part 1!

Population Reduction is REAL! Watch and Learn People!

The Biggest Secret In American History… Part 2!

Dont watch this video…if you’re happy living a lie

Truth About illuminati Documentary-Luciferian Conspiracy


Proof we are the Last Generation on Earth

The Freeman and Strawman Explained

Confessions of An Economic Hit Man – What Really Goes on Behind Global Affairs (very informative)
Very few people know anything about what really goes on behind the scene when it come to U.S. foreign policy and the corporate interests that drive it all. Our government is controlled by powerful corporate interests that have literally hijacked the powers of government and our military to advance their own selfish agendas. This interview should totally blow your mind. John Perkins was one of the men working behind the scenes to expand a global empire primarily through economic blackmail where they seduced third world leaders into taking out enormous loans that were impossible to repay so we could then U.S. corporations could swoop in and acquire control of their natural resources. If you’d like to end the reign of corporate colonialism and rid our government of their influence, please join the revolution at The Kick Them All Out Project

American-Imposed Dictatorship in Guatemala: (very informative)

Secrets of the CIA
Ex-CIA members expose (you tube has it in parts, so see it as one video on the link below)
7:31 withholding information
9:31 whenever the (CIA) Agency had a covert action role or a policy to implement, its inteligence was distorted, shaped or created to support that policy, it was in many many cases nothing but fiction
9:48 Countrywide Assasinations
15:44 sabotaging the economy
16:41 secondary school children being poisoned by adding cement to their milk.
23:56 CIA wanted her top find a poion that was unditectible that would mimic a heartattack
29:36 blaming trouble on another leading them to be tourtured
35:20 He was in charge of overthrowing the Government of Guatemala (he armed and trained Guatemala dissidents to overthrow the Government

Scott Ritter – Chief
UN Weapons Inspector

very informative
in Iraq 1991 – 1998
Oct 5 2002 Press Confer.

his book deadly deceipts

CIA WhistleBlower EXPOSES Everything! “Extreme Prejudice”

USA overthrows Democratic Socialists in Guatemala

Operation Ajax: Iran and the CIA Coup in 1953 Pt. 1/2

Interview with US spies in Iran

Are you living in a Bananna Republic? NO not the store you silly!

Iraq war: us soldier throws his medals and stars!!! and quits

America has positive sides A great place to make movies

5 police officers vs a law knowing Citizen
9/11 Whistleblower Susan Lindauer: ‘Libyan Opposition Is Al-Qaeda’ NATO Working With Al CIAeda!

Cia asset exposes 9/11, Israel & Iraq: Truth Jihad Radio 4/1/11 1/4

See This Ex-New World Order Banker Tells ALL.


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