Fixation Damages

Fixation Damages:

Waste of Hours
Waste of Weeks
Waste of Months
Waste of Years
Waste of Decades
Waste of Lifetime

One of the BIGGEST hidden and underestimated damages, until its too late is a waste of time, that is a waste of one’s lifetime.

details: What happens often is that a person is seen a sexual presentation, and the manipulative data has thouroughly captivated his or her mind, thus the individual feels the impact of the mental high and is undoubtedly powerfully affected. the experience of pleasure is extraordinaly satisfying. The individual might choose to go back and view similar material, and engage in more of this venture. Thus they see no harm in a few minutes, or hours of doing so. However, once the person has pursued this pleasure for hours, it takes only 7 days to complete a week. and thus his or her week is mostly watsed. it takes only four weks to watse a month. and only just 12 months to waste a year. only 10 years to watse a decade , and you could see how when a person is enjoying pleausre in such a manner time goes by, and they have wasted their lives. this does not become overwhelmingly apparent until the person reaches the age between 35 – 45. by then the age to meet many singles has mostly passed. by now they should have gotten married. by now they should have gotten to explore and learn about relationships. by now they should be half-way in rasing their kids.

Mind in Turmoil
Divorced from Life
Low/No Energy
Low/No Immunity
Low/No Ambition
Living an Illusion
Lower acheivement
Job in Jeopardy
Neglect of Spouse
Neglect of Child
Neglect of Family
Neglect of Self
Neglect of Friends
Neglect of Life
Confusion of Mind
Guilt Complex
Low Self Esteem
Bad Reputation
Secret Double-Life
Easily Influenced
Tempted to Cheat
Sexual Confusion
Shaky Relationship


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