1. Spreading knowledge benefits you
  2. I’ll help you to overcome lust
  3. How to read the book (Video)
  4. Front Cover Description (Video)
  5. Invite to help your fellow man (Video)
  6. + Additional comment (video)
  7. The Value of this body of knowledge
  8. Truth Seeker’s Duty
  9. Deniers of knowledge
  10. Why I Wrote the Book


    Some Initial Thoughts:

  • I recommend you have a ficticious name which allows you some degree of privacy. Furthermore, I highly recommend you speak about the problem rather than the person, in this way you have privacy for yourself and for everyone else
  • Maintain this knowledge throughout generations.
  • You & I are not required to respond to idiotic remarks made by people in discussion.
  • Engage in creating websites & classes to promote understanding, discussion & the application of this knowledge.
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    A Book Packed with Potent Knowledge
    Main Video explains one sample knowledge


    Why is it necessary to spread the knowledge?

    Why it is important for YOUR LIFE to spread this knowledge:

    Short & Quick Answer:

    You help elevate the consciosuness of the world which you live in and in-turn the world will have a more elevated interaction with you.

    Long Answer:

    Society is made up of countless people. It is these people that make up your surroundings. The quality and type of interaction you will have with these people will depend on the type of awareness they have. Therefore the more you help to inform others of this knowledge for them to improve in mastering their mind and overcoming lust, the more positive and harmonious their encounters will be with you and with others they interact with. Thus, you are tremendously helping society advance in their knowledge and consciousness. you will be a world changer. These people are the shopkeepers, the restaurant-owners, bankers, and workers in every profession. You and your loved ones can encounter persons from the high ends to the average man or woman on the street. Society is made up of the numerous neighbors that live by you. They are on your television, radio & newspapers. They are the producers of these shows, they are members of the government and the police force, they are judges , and lawyers. It is these people and their children that get to date your daughter, that get to date your son, or whom you hope to marry , and or be friends with. quite naturally you will be encountering innumerable human beings of all walks of life during your lifetime. Therefore when you spread the freeing knowledge you help not only society and the world at large but also this benefits your personal life in innumerable ways.Back to page content

    I am here to help


    I’ll Help

    I’ll help you to to Master lust and for you to help others to help themselves and for them to help others, thus allowing the knowledge to be passed from generation to generation forever.

    Short & Quick Directions:

    Ask my help by writing at the bottom of the page or in the Q/A section

    Long Answer:

    You have all the knowledge available in one book for you to feast over and empower yourself. You have me, as if I am right with you, guiding you through the book. I have also posted here general questions, so people can be guided into their initial questions. This website also has two other private areas. You can access these private areas if you own the book and then proceed to ask me about them.

    1. A private area enabling book owners to have detailed discussions with me and with each other.
    2. A private area for book owners to discuss matters totally privately one-on-one with me.
    3. NOTE: I considered keeping the discussions public so everyone can benefit. Then I realized that many people would be satisfied with tidbits of information that they would get, however essentially they would be getting scraps. What is in the book is exceedingly profound, potent, precise and concise. I don’t want people to be satisfied with scraps, I am in favor of them gaining access to the whole enriching and empowering knowledge and not to be satisfied by 2% spread here and there.

    I am able to help you with all the information. I will be assisting you. However, I want you to know that many of you, in fact all of you can master and totally overcome lust and its application, on your own, by following the book’s instructions. I encourage you to talk to each other. Many of you who apply yourselves will master the information and apply it to your life mastering your mind, thus totally overcoming lust. And you will be passing the information onto others, forming classes, schools, etc. Even those who have not mastered the information are encouraged to teach, provided that they are not the type of person that harms others. This knowledge is not difficult to understand. It is simply looking at things truthfully. Sometimes the truth goes against some of your long held beliefs that you mistook for being true. The difficulty is in you finding the courage to be completely honest with yourself, and notice your own biases, and social biases, and lies, and many other biases, and the courage for you to want to live a truthful life, and not lve by false-held beliefs.Back to page content


    How to Read the Book:

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    You are WELCOME regardless of your beliefs in God, faith or atheism

    The information in the book is as practical as math. Thus, a person who is non-religious or religious, part of any religion, is able to understand & apply the knowledge to their lives. If you have any questions regarding this issue ask me, by posting a reply at page end.

    Front Cover Description Back Cover Text Front Cover Symbol
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    Invitation to help your fellow man Additional comment on Invite to help…


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    Addressed to atheists & religious persons or organizations

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    Information in Main Video is immensely valuable – worth $500,000 – Recognize it!

    I mentioned the example of the manipulation to a guy I met in the street who goes to meetings dealing with sexual addiction. The next time I met him he stopped by on his own and said to me: “THE INFORMATION YOU GAVE ME THE OTHER DAY WAS INVALUABLE.” The information is worth much more than $500,000 but if I told you the true worth of the knowledge contained in this book, you would not believe me. So I quoted you a very conservative amount. It is truly invaluable. The science mentioned in the book compared to what they teach in 12 step programs is the difference between the Golden age and the age of people living in caves. I told the gentleman that he should get the book, there was much more in the book that he is not accessing, and I want him to access it so he can take positive advantage of it, and completely change his life for the better. Back to page content

    Please DO NOT Underestimate

    Insights are explained in elementary detail; do not underestimate them

    Be conscious of your baffled state of mind about the powerful effects of sexual programs upon the mind, before I reveal the information. Once the knowledge is revealed, it will be obvious to you, and therefore the mind has a tendency to mistakenly think that it already knew the information. (because it is so obvious once you learn something) and therefore to underestimate what is being said. Had I not revealed it to you, you would still be completely baffled. I have chosen to give you this HUGE CHUNK of the knowledge for you to see that it is indeed potent, and for you to inquire further to get all of the information available in the book. The situation of me talking to you now, is as if I am standing on a plot of land with $3,000,000 worth of pure gold being buried 8 feet under ground. I put the Gold there, and not only did I bring you to the plot of land, to the exact spot where it is buried, but I also help you dig a little bit and say to you, look at this huge chunk of gold worth $500,000. I hand it to you as proof, that what I am telling you is really valuable. Would you dig those 8 feet? Meaning, will you read the 8 chapters? Need I remind you that with every foot (chapter) that you dig (read) you are collecting more gold (knowledge) that is of phenomenal use once applied to your life. the truth is the information is much more valuable than $3 million. One can take an hour ($100/hour) of daily counseling for 30 years and it still will not match what I have presenteed in this book.


    Truth Seeker’s Duty

    I charge the truth seekers with this duty:

    Upon seeing the potency of this knowledge do not hoard it, but share it, so the knowledge is maintained throughout the generations and throughout the earth, not through wars, not through swords or weapons, not by any force.

    Promote it through discussions with those who are open-minded, intelligent, and non-violent. Share it with those who have good-will towards men and women and who are willing to hear. Be cautious who you share this knowledge with, because there are many ignorant people who mis-categorize you as spreading sexual immorality. When in fact it is about sexual morality, and about sacredness of sexuality, and the proper use of it to express love, rather than to be ruled by its passions.

    In order for knowledge to be passed on we need open-minded people. Therefore encourage the development of intelligent open-minded people who consider various perspective and are completely honest with themselves and are non-violent. Back to page content


    Deniers of knowledge

    Those who choose to deny the validity of this knowledge without properly looking into it, which can be verified in daily life, are barring themselves from knowledge.

    I have presented knowledge that is practical, understandable and verifiable for the individual who chooses to look into the matter. There has been and might always be a class of people that close their minds to knowledge. My duty is to present the knowledge to reach those people who are open enough to receive it and improve their lives. My deepest respects to you all. Back to page content


    10. Why I Wrote the Book

    My natural behavior is to share, since I see all beings as part of one community. Each of us is equal as any other being. I am not higher than you, nor below you. I am equal with you. So, if I have knowledge I would want to share it.

    I began researching into sexual attraction because it was a puzzle to me and I wanted to figure it out. I had thought of sharing it freely by the internet. The problem is that anyone could then take my ideas and copyright it and ban me from sharing it. Plus, others may present the information not very clearly, not precisely. They may choose to sit on the information and not share it, and distribute it to few, and far in between for a very high price.

    It was crucial for me to ensure that the everyday person, from any class of society whether rich or poor would have the ability to access this information. The only way I thought possible, given my limited budget was to publish a book. In this way, they would have proper guidance, and rich information at their fingertips.

    I hope that answers the question. Back to page content

    Omid Mankoo SH…


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