(You are now in the thick of the book)


The mind gripped by pleasure, alters one’s sense of reality. Pleasure becomes one of the over-whelming priorities. People, places and items will all have a new altered meaning in accordance to their ability to hinder, enhance, or have no effect on pleasure. A person might be seen as a potential sex partner, a table as a place to have sex on, food as a way to add flavor to sexual episodes. Anything that does not relate to pleasure might have no meaning in this altered state. For example a person’s status and relation might be overlooked or forgotten. It is also possible for relation and status to be used to enhance the mental excitement because of the oddity, intrigue or danger that is created by the situation. (Now if you want to continue seeing some potent insights start from insight 81, 82, 83, etc. till 111)


When one is under the influence of sexual pleasure, one might exhibit behavior, which is quite out of the ordinary (even according to his or her own standards). Immediately after the pleasure is over, immediately after pleasure loosens its grip on the mind, the person might revert back to his normal way of thinking and being. This is so, because you are no longer under the considerable influence of sexual pleasure. Simply put, once your mind, in the state of pleasure, becomes very much aware of that pleasure, solely or prominently, then pleasure becomes the…


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