Do you accept and live their created fantasy or choose to experience and live life as it really is?  Fantasy or Reality, Which one do you choose?


A life of true fun and happiness is out there waiting for you. All you have to do is to be a healthy and good person on the inside and to be a good and healthy person on the outside. Improve yourself internally, examine your beliefs and the way you interact with other people. Examine and understand your underlying motivations in various situations. See if your motivations are good, and can they be improved upon. Get in shape, get a nice hair style, descent clothes, to be presentable, clean under your nails and cut the protruding nose and ear hairs, brush your teeth, do not look gloomy, relax and mingle, and you meet people. Instead of being influenced by the various information, that provide an avenue to experience on some level the feelings of sex, or the sight of sex, or the feelings of love, why not go out into the real world and experience these matters on your own, in REAL LIFE. I am not saying to go out and have sex. I am saying, experience live interactions with other people,  proceeding with a clear objective mind (objective mind is a mind that sees things as they really are, a mind that is not under the influence of lust, greed, anger, etc.). What would be the point of connections on a less real level, such as fantasy? Why not go for the real interactions. If you decide to have real interactions, you have a greater chance of experiencing interactions as they really are, provided you keep an objective clear mind, free from things that encourage a bias mind, such as desire, anger, sadness, etc….


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