Sometimes a person presents a lifestyle or  behavior as if it is absolutely valid, as if the artificial reality which he is exemplifying or speaking of is the way things really are.


There are some people who have a lifestyle that is very damaging to themselves and or to others. For example, they stay up late into the night partaking of intoxicating drugs. When presenting this lifestyle to others, they might say, “Come on man, it’s really good. It will relax you. Then we will just sit here with the guys partying the night away.” Now, in this case, the person sharing this information has just presented a lifestyle, of a way of spending the evening. The evening consists of two things. One: Damaging oneself, possibly damaging others because once intoxicated who knows what you will do afterward if you start roaming the streets. Two: In totality, the evening is presented with the idea that it is cool and that it is real good…


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