Comments of Yahoo Answers Users about the Sage

  • It took me a second to grasp what you said. But thank you! I will talk it over with him
  • Thank you so much you made me see what things could happen if i go with this
  • Thanks lot……………… i will talk with her and will avoid watching porn.. thanks once again
    That was really really helpful.
  • Damn! You just erased all doubts in my head! This was both informative and surely helpful in my situation. Thanks for taking the time to answer this concern of mine! [confused sexuality]
  • that was beautiful
  • Thank you. I know how it feels to have nobody listen to the greatness in you. Thank you.
  • Blew my mind. There were some things in there that I hadn’t thought of. Thanks! =)
  • Thanks i never thought about guys self esteem!! thanks to everyone else as well!
  • Thanks for your ideas 🙂
  • thank you
  • 🙂
  • Thanks a lot everyone. This answer in particular really shone a revelation in my life. I do need to love myself first. Thank you!
  • Interesting, I’ll check it out thanks
  • Thanks 🙂
  • Thanks
  • u gave me a way actually
    i shld be positive
  • Thanx and thanx for calling me fantanstic. :D. . I hope u understand m not of sick mentality
  • Thank you Omid Mankoo! Five Stars!
  • Thank you.I will not admit to my mother about how I do porn for money because I am too lazy and lack motivation to get a real job. [I told the asker to work at a job thats closer to the asker’s true self]

  • Thanks
  • WOW it’s like you are an angel and were looking over my thoughts feelings and principles of who i am and wan to be! I feel so enlightened and almost moved to tears by your touching email/message. I thank you whole heartedly and may god bless you all your days! Thankyou, i will try everything x [on suicide]
  • thank you so much
  • wow that was a beautiful answer. I am going to stop and study for school now…
  • This was very helpfull thank you so much i’ll make sure to check out the book
  • Thanx. Haven’t heard of it, I’ll look into reading it.
  • thanks
  • Thank you
  • you’re kind and your answer is constructive,thanks
  • I agree it is a mental high that is only temporarily comforting. Maybe its time I slow down.
  • This is a fantastic answer, and I greatly appreciate it, however; for those of you who answered in this wrongfully… next time you see a question, READ IT! I was SPECIFICALLY asking if there was a surgery to remove my horniness, not what meds i could take, or how it would affect my sex life. Thanks [i spoke about the mental causes/ influences of horniness as opposed to surgery]
  • thanks
  • Thanks
  • Great answer. I love your views on how to approach and study religions. Keep it up.
  • THe only person who gave me a time period answer… and thanks for your help…
    I would say since you said earlier that it would take at least 15 months for something who is actively trying…
  • that makes sense. thanks for your answer [am i bisexual]
  • k
  • thanks
  • Wow. Thank you so much [about a question on : am i a lesbian]
  • I agree. The years of watching porn have made his mind too addicted to what he sees.
  • I will look into this book. I have read many books on the subject (myself) and it helped me come to peace with myself and my compulsions to check his stuff. But getting him to read will be like pulling teeth. Thank you.
  • thank u so much i will definitely buy that book now lol and again thnx
  • thanks 🙂
  • Thank you. I’ll talk to him about this and see what he thinks.
  • thank you!
  • i am very thankful that you took time to write all this in order to help me, i already feel better…and yes i am willing to try your advice 🙂 greetings
  • thanks it makes since
  • thanks!
  • Thanks. My family thinks that he is just riding it out until I get my degree so that I can work and he can be lazy and play video games…so we will see where things go.
  • Thank you so much! I have been looking for an answer to this for a long time! I owe you one =]
  • I’m glad that someone cares about the messed up system. I have night mares about that day. & I’m sure with it still in evidence they can go look at it whenever they please 😦
  • Thank you
  • Thank you so much hun! you helped me out a lot and gave me great advice and I will defintely use this advice! thank you all for helping me out! appreciate it x
  • Thanks. You were the only answer that was a serious answer, since an answer of religion is not serious. And your answer was thorough and informative.

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