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After 12 years of unrelenting study, analysis, validation, and application of world religious knowledge, in search for deep truths & God, he was thrice Enlightened, within the span of a year. Guided by God, he gained access to an ancient Indian scripture, which was to solidify his understanding of practical spirituality. However, in the midst of his stusies, he had fallen into a deep love-related despair, which he faced head-on for five years, the culmination of which was his profound breakthrough into love and emotional fulfillment. Never would he cry again. Now, love was no longer a great mystery. It was unveiled, understood, reached and fulfilled.

“I was set to share my breakthrough solutions on love to the world. However, I became aware of another powerful and formidable mystery facing me. Confronted with my inner turmoil, about this subject matter, and recognizing the significance, and the tremendous potency of this sexual attraction, I turned all my abilities, honed through the years, to name a few, my skillful attention, diligent tenacity, precise thinking ability, uncompromising honesty, spiritual insight, and knowledge of the inner-workings of the mind, toward solving this mystery. Present here in your hands you have my 242 insights, by which I unravvelled and understood this grand and perplexing mystery, and the methods I applied, to release myself, from the clutches of this multi-headed Dragon. Share this treasure and enrich the world.”


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