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Insightful comment by a youtuber:Thanks. This is powerful stuff you are bringing. Have just been reading the preview version on Scribd. From the nature of what I have read so far and what you are saying in the clips, it’s like “ah ha, finally, something that’s going to work!”. Thats the feeling I got anyway. I reckon the views on your videos are going to go through the roof

Spiritual Master, Sage Omid Mankoo: “YOU ARE MOST WELCOME. I knew this information is URGENTLY NEEDED. Yes it is indeed POWERFUL STUFF. Thanks for letting me know where you first heard about this info. I AM GLAD YOU RECOGNIZE ITS POTENCY. A REAL SOLUTION. Yes I’m in favor of billions accessing this knowledge, and learning it and applying its solutions making radical positive life changes. YOU PLAY A VITAL ROLE. Let people know, by talking or embeding a link or banner pointing to my website.if you read the book do an Amazon review:)


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Brief Book Description:

Sex produces life. Sex & life are sacred. The book is the Solution Manual to Sexual Fixation. It takes it from an unknown, unmanageable, passion-driven phenomenon to a known, manageable self-directed expression. It dismantles & demystifies it, nullifying its powerful mesmerizing affects & step by step, with ease & simplicity, gradually releases the mind from disguised mind manipulations, allowing the mind to finally experience simple sweet peace and bliss. Detailed Book Description

Different Sections of the Book:

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First Page ________Description on the Title & Front Cover, 2


Foreword 1, 2________Suggestion on Reading this Book 1, 2


Chapter Pages – Insights & Explanations – 183, 184 185 186, 187 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 104c 105 106 106c 107 108 109 110 111 All pages copyrighted ©2009


Pictorial Reminders________ Insight Briefs


Comprehensive Index, Comp. Index “mind” entry________ Back Cover


    Three contents follow:

  1. Book Benefits
  2. Reviews
  3. Visitor Responses/Qs


  • Fixation Damages:
      • Waste of Hours
      • Waste of Weeks
      • Waste of Months
      • Waste of Years
      • Waste of Decades
      • Waste of Lifetime
      • Mind in Turmoil
      • Divorced from Life
      • Low/No Energy
      • Low/No Immunity
      • Low/No Ambition
      • Living an Illusion
      • Lower achievement
      • Job in Jeopardy
      • Neglect of Spouse
      • Neglect of Child
      • Neglect of Family
      • Neglect of Self
      • Neglect of Friends
      • Neglect of Life
      • Confusion of Mind
      • Guilt Complex
      • Low Self-Esteem
      • Bad Reputation
      • Secret Double-Life
      • Easily Influenced
      • Tempted to Cheat
      • Infidelity/Cheating
      • Sexual Confusion
      • Shaky Relationship
      • etc.

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Book Benefits:

    1. Has various Hobbies
    2. Involved in Activities
    3. Enjoys Time Equally
    4. Peace of Mind
    5. Master of Mind
    6. Sees Manipulation
    7. Builds Relationships
    8. Has/High Immunity
    9. Has/High Ambition
    10. Has/High Motivation
    11. Has/High Energy
    12. Has/High Extra time
    13. Faces & Lives Reality
    14. High Achiever
    15. Job more Secure
    16. Relates to Spouse
    17. Relates to Child
    18. Relates to Family
    19. Relates to Self
    20. Relates to Friends
    21. Relates to Life
    22. Clarity of Mind
    23. Guilt-Free Mind
    24. High Self-Esteem
    25. Great Reputation
    26. Self-Determined
    27. Cannot be Tempted
    28. Faithfulness Embodied
    29. Sexual Understanding
    30. Strong Relationship
    31. etc.

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Book extras such as: Spreading knowledge benefits you, I’ll help you to overcome lust, How to read the book (Video), Front Cover Description (Video), Invite to help your fellow man (Video), + Additional comment (video), The Value of this body of knowledge, Truth Seeker’s Duty, Deniers of knowledge, Why I Wrote the Book

Recognize the Value of this Knowledge Recognize the Value of Informing Others


Review: “…a very sweet and earnest individual who presents a unique synthesis of theological and philosophical traditions in the service of transcending what he describes as sexual fixation. He seems very peacefully dedicated to presenting his approach, even during the several years he spent as a homeless person”– Bill Herring, LCSW, CSAT

Amazon Review: Absolutely Incredible May 23, 2012 By Reader Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase The grammar is fine, please respect the author. It is the knowledge in this book which is extraordinary and so easily understandable and the way it is written so peacefully and directly, so freely,which makes it outstanding. It has opened my mind and I am able to know and control my mind and have so much knowledge and understanding of how it works which is a great factor to have in life. I haven’t even read a fifth of the book and it has already changed my life and unravelled the truth from the world and many more truths. I recommend this to anybody as it is amazing, not only on sexual fixation, but most importantly, the mind and how it works. It will have tremendous impact on you and your life. Comment | Was this review helpful to you?Yes No 0 of 2 people found the following review helpful

Amazon Review:Interesting concept, however it is tough to read – poor grammar throughout November 7, 2011 By James Ewing – Personal Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase: The book is an interesting concept, however I struggled so much with the grammatical errors that I put it down after only reading about an hour. It’s a massive book, written with heart but written like a first-run author. His next book or edit to this one may be much better. End of Amazon Reviews

Review Nov 26, 2013: This book is absolutely and precisely what everybody needs to learn it is so fascinating it’s impossible not to stop reading it please recommend your friends. Bliss is what it says on the front of the book and that is precisely what it delivers in Clear and honest language it is a remarkable masterpiece and I highly recommend you to buy a copy. I have personally met the author who is most generous and compassionate he is a no-nonsense Spiritual person who is not after money and adoration but here to really help humanity. This book is applicable to every living person on the planet and especially it will unlock every body’s own natural ability to understand the pureness and innocence of sexuality or divine sexuality. Unfortunately there are many demoniac influences and misconceptions regarding one’s own unawareness of ones sexual activities not to mention how the mind has been invaded with all kinds of selfish manipulations. I really do encourage you to read this book especially if you’re in the business of promoting healthy sexual natural loving relationships in society and not to mention that healing affect it will facilitate. Because if you’re a psychologist or sexual therapist I highly recommend this book actually it is not an ordinary book but a powerful manual for all true seekers of knowledge who must get there to find a genuine teacher. Maybe you consider yourself a genuine student who is earnestly sincerely caring and kind. Please I have personally met the author and I recommend you inquiring about his one to one tuition or enrolling on his courses in the future – Yours sincerely Dr. Pierre Antonio

One gentleman who had purchased the book and had read half-way through the book, was asked three weeks after his purchase,

  • “So, how is the book?”, he responded with emphasis

One person who purchased the book and was very eager to see what it had to say, said the following: (his full initial communications are on the front-page, under the responses section)

    • I feel so overwhelmed and freer
    • I just felt so overwhelmed and I don’t know how just in that everything was being explained and I understand.
    • 🙂 I didn’t know it affected me until now because I didn’t think of the sex manipulation as far as this, its amazing, I feel free as in I can control my sexual feelings and I haven’t even had any since I started reading the book I feel free because I was having trouble controlling myself for the past months and I just do not want to look at body parts of women. I guess I grew up and was manipulated by websites and everything. Thankyou on so much words in your replies and it’s an amazing book and thankyou so much. You are a genius and the next life for you will be amazing because of how much you’ve done to anybody who’s read your book and to yourself….. 🙂 thanks again!
    • I think i am now less overwhelmed and confused but i have felt this for the past two days recurring, it comes back and goes. I am scared that i have changed completely. I hope readers do not avoid this book because of this because there is nothing bad to avoid and this book is absolutely incredible. I am scared that I read insights with explanations and because i have not finished, that my sexuality or horniness is disappearing or going or even gone. I am so sorry to write all of this stupid stuff so readers would read because whoever is reading, I promise that this book will help you tremendously. I felt helped and understood before I read 1/10th of the book…..Thankyou so much for writing this book, you have helped me,…Thank you so much for replying with so much depth and length, you are going an amazing person and thank you. (comments come from an Anonymous person accessing this site, see replies at page-end )

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A degree of calmness is required to seek & digest knowledge.


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