Attitude while reading/studying

Videos are done in a relaxed manner for visitors.

You should be concentrated when studying the book.

When you sit to study the book material you should do so with at least a partially refreshed mind so that you can absorb the knowledge and be able to somewhat concentrate. Therefore you can progress in understanding the material, and you are able to disallow boredom, bodily or mental fatigue, biases, or anything else from within or outside yourself to interfere with your ability to see the relevance, significance and practicality of this knowledge to deal with the problem of sexual fixation.

Ideally you would want to have the most refreshed mind and body as possible in order to study. However, considering that some of you are facing imbalance in various aspects of your lives, you might not have a considerable relaxed mind and body.

Therefore try to have at least have a bit of peace of mind, just enough for you to get started by reading the very first page of the book, which will immediately upon your proper understanding of it, will ease your mind further.

Next, you will go-onto read insight 1 (all the insights appear in bold) on page 67 of the book. Upon reading the short insight and absorbing much of it, you will need to see whether the information is true or not in actual life. Thus, by seeing and examining the information happening in actual life you are validating it.

You must do this with all the insights…to compare it to actual life. The knowledge is not theoretical. It is real and practical. I want you to see it, and experience this yourself. In this way your understanding will be progressing solidly forward. You will continue reading Insight 2 after you have understood Insight 1 as best as you can. Have in mind not to read the explanation of Insight 1 which follows right-after. Skip those pages and get to Insight 2, and study it. After understanding Insight 2 and recognize the knowledge in actual life in numerous life examples, go on to study Insight 3. In this way you ought to read the entire book, without hurry.

You should read in an effort to absorb the material, evaluate it, put questions to it, explore it, and see it in actual life.

With understanding of every Insight your mind becomes clearer and clearer. With every understanding you will become less stressed. With every application of the understood knowledge of the book, you will be releasing yourself from lustful manipulations. Thus your mind and body will be even more refreshed and able to study more and deeper, and progress quite efficiently in your liberation.

Once you have studied the 242 Insights, you can go back and read all the Insights again, along with reading/studying their explanations. Remember while you are studying the Insights, you can read the explanation that follows entirely or partially if you need clarification about the insight. Meaning, if you read an Insight and you don’t really understand what is being said, then you can read the explanation for it.
The book will not be similar to vaguely mentioning subliminal advertising. No! It will be practical to such a degree that you will come to know exactly why your mind is impacted, what the tricks are, and how to nullify the influence of these devious tricks., thus leaving your mind at ease.

When your mind is somewhat at-ease, you can read the section named “Suggestions on reading this book” in the book, which you can read right now online at Look inside book on Once you get there wait until the sampled selection of the book to appear and scroll down to contents and click on “suggestions on reading this book”.


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