What’s Unique and Amazing about this book?

  1. Every sentence is gone over meticulously
  2. The sheer potency of the practical knowledge makes for an enjoyable read
  3. The simplest language is used for best comprehension
  4. The word ‘it’ is replaced by the actual word it represents
  5. The word ‘may’ is replaced by the word ‘might’ to minimize misinterpretation
  6. Each insight presents significant amount of well put-together knowledge
  7. The reader is astounded both by the profound knowledge, and by his own thorough comprehension of it.
  8. Practical hands-on knowledge from a person who has used it to free himself from powerful sexual/mental manipulations.
  9. The book deals with underlying causes which applies to many areas of one’s life.
  10. Several means of grasping the material are employed
    1. 242 Insights & Insight Briefs Table
    2. Explanations of Insights
    3. 234 Pictorial Reminders of Insights
    4. 42 Listed Examples
    5. Comprehensive Index
  11. Detailed Book Description
  1. Every sentence is gone over meticulously to minimize misinterpretation, using the simplest language to make the intended meaning crystal clear. Thus the information is easily understood.
  2. The reader enjoys grasping the profound and yet practical information. Thus he or she continues to read accessing the rest of the knowledge. It has REAL significance to their lives. It is a book that is used in one’s life rather than tossed away, thus the reader is heavily engaged in trying to understand and apply the knowledge to his or her life.
  3. The simplest language is used with extremely minimal usage of complex words. Thus disallowing the reader to be baffled or sidetracked by the use of complex words. The book thus lives up to what it professes : it demystifies the complex both in language as well as ideas, such as the idea of sexual attraction & sexual addiction.
  4. Most often the word “it” is replaced by the actual word that it represents, to minimize misunderstandings. This might make the reading a tad more combersome, however the reader will appreciate the percision and certainty of the text.
  5. The word may has been replaced by the word might, since the word ‘may’ can be misinterpreted to mean giving permission.
  6. Reading the insights will often require undivided attetion, since each sentence presents a significant amount of well put-together knowledge. This allows the reader to get a proper perspective of much of the knowledge in its minute aspects as well as seeing the minute aspects together as a panaramic whole.
  7. What is being explained in the book is sexual attraction, sexual addiction, the nature of the mind and how it functions, the hidden and visible manipulation techniques used to capture and impact the mind, the techniques used to free the mind from the manipulations,  how to apply them, and identifying and eealing with other obstacles on the road to mastering applying this knowledge to one’s life. Thus this is certainly a SIGNIFICANT work. What is amazing about it, is that it goes through explaining each part with such clarity of knowledge that the reader is left astounded at what is being explained. These knowledges were previously unknown to the reader, and upon being exposed to them the reader is simply astounded, not only because the mysteries are so thoroughly explained but also that he totally understands what is being said in absolute clarity.
  8. The book is absolutely practical. Meaning, these are actual hands-on knowledge that has been used to take a person who is strongly fixated on sex and bring them out to absolute sobriety.
  9. The knowledge in the book is about core knowledge. It deals with underlying issues, sources and causes. Thus through understanding and application of the knowledge one is improving on a broad spectrum of behaviors not just the sexual issue.  Meaning, since the book deals with the mind, and how it works, the individual will be thoroughly equipped to deal with other mind-altering influences besides sexual misinformation.


Several means of grasping the material is employed, including:


242 Insights & Insight Briefs Table:

With minimal reading, an ample burst of rich nourishing knowledge is delivered to the reader, by means of 242 condensed (Sutra) Insights, each sentence of which is a compacted form of many sentences. Insights are also listed in a table to be used as reminders or for ease of reference. The recommended reading method is to read the first insight, then go onto reading the next insight, so on and so forth until the book is finished. If at any point one needs further clarification of an insight, they can read the explanations available underneath the insights. In this manner the book can be read fairly quickly. Even though, I insist that you must read all the insights slowly and then go back and read each insight along with each explanation. have in mind, atht after you ahve understood that the knowledge is ractical you cannot just read it, you then apply it to your life,an slowly set yourself free.


Explanations of Insights:

Explanations below Insights are to assist those readers requiring a guiding hand to walk them through to fully grasp the sometimes intricate details of some Insights.


234 Pictorial Reminders of Insights:

These are semi-picture and keyword representations of the Insights enabling the reader who has understood the insights to be reminded of them by viewing the Pictorial Reminder. In this manner the entire book can be reviewed again fairly quickly.


42 Listed Examples:

In order to assist in clarifying the intended meaning even further, a host of 42 examples are given, which are also listed in a table for ease of reference. Numerous other unlisted examples abound throughout the text.


Comprehensive Index (as a quick summary of book):

The fastest method of study, for those with little time, is to read entries under a specific heading within the comprehensive index. The comprehensive index contains a myriad of entries spanning sometimes three sentences long. Reading them is equivalent to reading a summary of the book, covering virtually all of the key points.


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