Three Under 10 year-olds sexually assaulted an 11 year old girl at funeral

Tuesday 25th October the Evening standard Free newspaper in London reported that three youngsters (10 or below) who were attending a funeral service sexually assaulted a young girl of 11 years of age. Thankfully they were interrupted by a bicycle rider riding by and the victim fled along with her friend who was hiding in the nearby bushes, and they made it home and told their parents what happened.

I am highlighting this to show that in any circumstance it is possible for people to sexually assault others. This was at a funeral. All of society is not safe with people walking around under the influence of lust. This lust is not normal, it is heightened by the various sexual presentations. It is highly dangerous. Many people mimic what they see in various sexual presentations. They do not realize that they are being lied to in various videos.

Enticed by the sexual imagery promising an unbelievably pleasurable time, the kids are seduced into trying it. Many people feel deprived of not having what is presented as ultimate pleasure when they see it visually displayed in various sexual presentations.

Get the Solution, Free their minds. Tell them the truth and banish the lies. END THE TRICKERY.



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