People Sex & Problems 1

Today is just another day and Tuesday June 21 2016 the Metro morning paper reported the following:


A Judge fired after he was caught watching porn in his chambers has lost his unfair dismissal case. Warren Grant, 61, broke IT guidelines by logging on to sites such as Spicy Tranny, a tribunal ruled. He is to appeal.

As I have always stated


Take it upon yourself to educate yourself and
inform others to educate themselves

If you are the judge (Warren Grant) mentioned, I am not passing judgment on you. If you happen to be fascinated by sexual presentations I would hope you look at my presentation video or sample pages of my book and see that I know what I am talking about because I clearly understand the problem, and I encourage you to take my class, so you can clearly see and understand how the mind has been manipulated powerfully, and how to free the mind from these manipulations.

Also you will see how vitally important it is for this information to be publicly known, and you will do everything in your power to encourage its distribution and education for the general public.

This is not an isolated incident. see the following for evidence:

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