BOOTY VIDEO JENNIFER LOPEZ negative comment compilation

Jennifer Lopez’s Music video called Booty has come out recently (today”s date wed 24 sep 2014) I decided to see a bit of it , since it was a feature shown on YouTube, as I went to do some work on my site.

It is highly sexual. many people will no doubt be turned on by it. Not I though. the sheer number of manipulative ways to entice and seduce was enough to keep my mind busy identifying them rather than being affected by them. I was surprised about this video. but then again i have not seen anything else of Jennifer Lopez’s videos to know what to expect. I had seen some movies of her’s which showed her in a very good light. This video was alarming to me, because it was so sexual, and thus many people would be affected by it both men and also women. many women and girls will emulate her behavior.

I did see a video of her speaking a bit about the Booty Video. having heard a bit of her side of things makes one ease a bit about her video. She stated something to the effect that its about owning everything about you and who you are and embracing that.


here are some dislike comments about the song on youtube:

  • This video and others are the reason why I’m scared for the next generation and their “music”. Can we PLEASE just write a song that’s not about a girl’s big fat butt?
  • My mom makes me listen to 80s music in the car… I know why, and i prefer it. I hate these type of songs. 2 words “desperate” and “slutty” and for MOM!!
  • I agree.jennifer is talented, she doesnt need to go to that low level
  • Seriously this is ridiculous. Yeah sure its about ass and she is 45 and all but what is shocking is that she has kids!Seriously imagine your mom shaking her ass with a other girl and showing that to the public…bad influence…
  • I don’t like JLo any more.
  • Unacceptable. Disgusting. Bad influence. Mind washing.
  • disappointing that jlo had a cigarette in this video tbh :\ in not sexy its just sad also his song isn’t my cup of tea
  • Jennifer Lopez had a lot of opportunity with her career and this is what she is now doing at 40-something? What a waste. I so miss the 90’s with real music and videos.
  • Jennifer Lopez just lower her standards and class by Twerking.
  • What in the world is jlo trying to do, like yeah you can “twerk” and we get it your talking about booty
  • So disgusting … I miss the old JLO the one who was sexy and beautiful and had good song like get right and ait it funny with ja rule … She disgraced herself in my eyes I will never hold her in the same regard never again will I see her the same way now she jus looks like a desperate old slut hag smh

There were loads of comments. ok so she is sexual and she wants to express that. ok i get it. there is tons of music videos that are sexual in nature, from low to very high degrees. I just did a quick search on youtube, and I see tons of them. God it seems so hard to find a good intelligent woman.

Now regardless of whether its right or wrong for her to be exciting people by having two women rubbing butts together in the video and other things which leads to men thinking of women being sexual with each other and also at the sametime appealing to lesbians, what is important is to learn how to remain uninfluenced by the seduction techniques used in the video. that want to deliver maximum impact as she puts it in the beginning of the video, and also about fully immersing oneself in the experience at least visually and mentally.

Here is my Main Video on Sexual Addiction showing a potent example of one manipulation used.

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