Sex Abuse of Children by Elite in British Government

Tuesday edition of the evening standard July 8th 2014 had the following title:

Peer backs claims that ‘powerful people’ abused children in homes

Here are some important quotes from the article by Joe Murphy (political Editor)

A FORMER Health Minister today confirmed that “powerful people” targeted children’s homes to prey on vulnerable youngsters for sexual abuse.” …”

a paedophile ring in the Eighties was formed by an elite of some 20 senior politicians and prominent figures.”

…”children taken to guest a house in Barnes to be abused”

Former child protection manager Peter Mckelvie said MPs and government ministers were involved in the ring.

He claimed they had abused children for “decades”, treating them like lumps of meat, while other establishment figures helped to cover up their activities.” …

“We are looking at the Lords, we are looking at the Commons, we are looking at the judiciary.”

Almost every day there is some sexual scandal being reported in the papers.

People, this will not go away.  Consider that these are people that are supposed to run government. Now you know one of the major reasons why Government seems to go slow or not care.  Many people are stuck on sexual fixation and thus they are not doing their job.

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