Singles, Relationships & the world in Jeopardy

So here is what is happening:
Individuals (Singles):
Bombarded by various media and various advertisers’ portrayal sexuality, the minds of individuals has been massively impacted and affected. the demand for experiencing a super sexual episode is heightened, and individuals find themselves often thinking of such matters. Furthermore the superfluous variety of sexual presentations such as appear on videos, internet, phone services and strip-clubs exacerbates the demand to unfathomable proportions, heightening the craving and desire for experiencing the so-called sexual episodes first-hand. Besides the obvious fact that many in the pursuit of sexual pleasure that is so vagrantly displayed by these sexual programs contract diseases, get involved in prostitution, and other under-age activity, each individual including the individuals who sit at home or at work and engage in fantasy while watching these sexual presentations simply pass away their lives from weeks months to years and decades of their lives to these illusions. All this time and energy wasted on illusion detracts from their ambitions in other part of their lives. Sure many individuals see such pleasure quite potent and seem to be engaged in enjoyment. however once they wake up and realize what has been fed to them is a series of manipulations disguised as sexual instinct, they will definitely feel cheated.

People in relationships:
partners are potentially under tremendous amount of sexual misinformation and influence. They are being powerfully manipulated. So most people’s relationship is constantly in jeopardy. Its tragic. this means that they could be separated from their loved one. They can be separated from their children, they might have to dramatically change their lives because of separation and living separately. For the person who is under influence of sexual misinformation, he or she does not know what to do. They do not know how to battle what they believe to be natural and instinctive, and undoubtedly tremendously powerful. UNTIL NOW. See the main video on the home page for you to get a sample of the manipulation involved that is invisible and packs a powerful punch. Then you will know a sample of what you are dealing with. you will realize it is not instinctual, and that is is not natural. you will lean that much of it has to do with manipulation of the mind. AND YOU CAN BATTLE AGAINST IT AND ULTIMATELY BE VICTORIOUS.:)


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