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Teach or Start a Class Start a Group Talks w Friends Learn Tell
    If you are teaching the world by either

  • purchasing the book
  • telling friends or others discreetly online
  • starting an unlisted class or discussion group etc.

then let me know at the bottom of the page, and your general location (country, state, city) so i could let people know about the progress of getting the word out. Thanks SH…

Teach / Start a Class (Initial teaching directions)

    • Read and discuss Insight 1, then go on to read each insight after that.
    • Have in mind that insight 2’s EXPLANATION reveals a lot of necessary information.
    • Emphasise being slow
    • Be thorough (have in mind that some insights will be clarified later on by reading other insights, because the book works as a whole)
    • Be calm
    • Be respectful (think before you speak to see if what you say might be misunderstood. think before you speak. form your sentence, and see how it sounds, in your head, and correct and form the sentence so that you minimize misunderdtandings, as best as you can . If you have spoken something and you have noticed that it did not sound correct, immediately state that your statement did not sound correct, and restate your statement using another sentence, or even a paragrapgh of explanation so your intended meaning becomes clear, and all offenses are nullified. if you cannot figure out how to correct it. Then retract your statment, by stating that what you said is incorrect, and that it does not reflect what you meant. State that you are having difficulty figuring out how to correct it. At home you can work on trying to correct it, or you could simply leave it. You should not be held responsible as if you have done something wrong, when your statement simply was inaccurate, and not a true reflection of what you meant to say.
    • Minimize misunderstandings

Insisting on your opinion is fine, however insisting on your opinion to the exclusion of other opinions is not fine. Rather be open to examining various opinions. Even though discussions of various perspectives are encouraged, each person can take into consideration on their own time the various perspectives others have shared. Meaning no one should be forced to examine every possibility that any one has shared in the discussions. Furthermore they do not need to keep others in the gathering posted whether or not they have considered the perspectives presented. Above all respect people, and that means respect for their space, and being at ease, and not having to answer to anybody.

  • Do not read the EXPLANATIONS, unless you really need clarification.
  • After reading all insights (1-242) go back to reading each insight along with its EXPLANATION
  • Get feedback from people to see their understanding of the material covered.
  • You may teach even if you are fixated on sex. You & others will improve.
  • Get the information out to the world, and have people working on it.
  • You can teach on your own without being listed here, or
  • Be link-listed here to inform students of your sessions. (Country, Locality, Session Location, Contact)
  • Your Classes can be online

Be listed on this website: The best way is to find your class/session location on google maps; send me its URL address by the Leave a reply form at page end . Replies on this page are not posted.

  1. List Your Online Class: Let me know the URL (the web address/ link)
  2. List Your Actual Class:

I would need:

  • Email, so i can contact you. Email will be listed only if its the email you want students to contact you by
  • Name (first name is fine, it could be made up)
  • Country
  • City, and or smaller location since some cities are quite large. The physical location of the classes will be on Google Maps. you have the option to send me the google map address of your exact location.
  • How do you want people in your area to contact you (email or phone?) provide either or both
  • The best option is to provide a link that takes people to your site informing students of the dates and times of your sessions, enabling you to update information without contact me. However, if your physical location changes, inform me, so I can correct you geographical location on Google Map.

Your suggestions are welcome, for example you can have an all women’s group, etc.

Notify me of changes to your group by leaving a reply at buttom of page. Thank you

Start a Discussion Group

A. Get the book
B. Gather friends once a week (or whenever you like)
C. Cover one insight per session (or more if you have sufficiently understood that one insight)

That’s it!

For a more structured get-together I recommend 1.5 or 2 hour sessions; 1 hour sessions do not allow for deep discussions. You may cover more than one insight per session. Also, you can go over an insight in many sessions. What is important is understanding the insights. Some of the insights will be made more clear much further along when reading other insights. So do not fret if you do not fully understand an insight.


Talks with Friends

A. Get the book
B. Get together with a friend
C. Talk about one insight (or any number of insights)

5 minutes over coffee.
10 minutes over lunch.
Anything you like, really.

That’s it! (At the next get-together, you can discuss the other insights)


Learn this knowledge EMPOWERING yourself . No longer will you be pushed and pulled, teased and manipulated by incessant and unwanted intrusive elements. You will master desire and remain happily in peace.

  1. View 40 book insights
  2. Discuss 40 book insights with me and or with others
  3. Get the book and discuss, with me and or with others, questions you have on the book



Inform others of the existence of this knowledge by:

  1. Tell others to view or discuss 40 book insights
  2. Have these websites written in your wallet to share with people. book publisher’s website (XLibris.com/OpentoBliss), & this blog (sagehope.wordpress.com).
  3. Present the book as a gift. You can order it through many local bookstores. You can order it online.
  4. Mention the existance of this knowledge (the solution to sexual fixation) to your partner, friends, family, coworkers, religious members, & others by phone, email, and other means.
  5. Encourage friends, relatives and associates to help spread the word.
  6. Introduce the book at any public gathering (make sure children are not in hearing vicinity)
  7. Set up a weekly discussion, or form a book club at the library, college, university, bookstore, online, coffee shop, internet cafe, etc.
  8. Discuss various issues with people, informing them of solutions
  9. Tell celebrities, fans of celebrities, gossip (this is positive gossup)
  10. Tell Congressmen, Representatives, Governors, & other politicians
  11. Tell talk show hosts, newspapers, your favorite columnist, radio hosts, radio shows, news broadcasters, reporters on television, various television shows

How people’s lives and the world is impacted:

You will essentially be freeing people from the prison of lust. Your mind & the minds of whomever learns this knowledge will be at peace from sexual intrusions, free to pursue or improve whatever you set your mind on. This includes relationships, finances, sports, hobbies, science, religion, you name it.

You will be preventing many sexual assaults, marriages from dissolving & lives being ruined. The lives of whomever you encounter to guide has the potential to be significantly changed for the better to the degree that they are willing to expand their mind & learn.

You, yes you are a teacher. Whether you like it or not, everywhere you go people learn by your actions, speech, expressions of feelings, job, hobbies, how to live, your clothes & style, etc. They learn by example. If they see an attribute that you have that they would like to possess, they may try to emulate you. They may ask you how you went about achieving your goal. You have within your reach the solution to lust. The solution to be self-governing rather than being governed by lust.

Omid Mankoo SH…


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