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You, your true nature, your truest nature, your purest nature IS in harmony with peace, togetherness, love, etc. It is in harmony with nature, it is in harmony with the Universe, and for those who believe in God, it is in harmony with God.
You are non-different from me (Sage Hope). Your essential nature is sacred and pure. I do not deny my true pristine nature nor do I deny your true pristine nature.

To those who are beginners on the path of sacred knowledge, they might mistakenly perceive that a sage is higher, and more valuable than they are. However, for those for those with great depth of learning they come to slowly but surely realize that their true nature is equal with a saint.

Many people with personal problems (such as anger, lust, judgement, etc.) mistakenly attribute their problems, and their faulty actions to themselves. They mistakenly think that their own faulty actions arise from within themselves. They are not aware of manipulations, trickery and deceitful influences over their body, emotions and mind. They are often not aware that a lack of education leads to possessing these problems. Therefore they fall into the trap of mistakenly thinking that they themselves are the problem.

Time and again, teachers have come to remind you, to educate and instruct you, of your pristine nature. Likewise, time and again teachers have reminded you to stay away from the temptations which alter your original pure consciousness. While people listen to the numerous teachers’ teachings on being wary of not giving in to the nature of mischief, lies and deceits, people mistakenly attribute those temptations as part of their natural self.
Partly this is due to a language barrier, and partly due to lack of comprehensive understanding of the teachings. For example, one can speak of the higher nature of man, and the lower nature of man. I think of the higher nature of man as its true nature.

Consider this example:
Some would argue that the nature of a cloth that is dirty is dirt/dirtiness. However, the true nature of a cloth is its original unpolluted state. When it is dirty, it now appears to be (it is not actually) dirty. Actually, the dirt is never part of the cloth. The dirt is simply trapped within or around the cloth fibers.
This example was from knowledge from an ancient teaching revealed in India. I state where the knowledge was revealed, because it is roper to give credit where credit is due. Those who close themselves off to knowledge because of cultural boundaries are closing themselves off truth, since truth has no cultural boundaries.

Essentially those who seek truth and find it, do so because they are truly seeking. Those who are honest with themselves, open themselves up to receiving knowlegde, they seek and they find. Those who are dishonest with themselves close themselves off to truth, they seek in a limited way, and so limit their understanding because of biases which they have. Had they been well versed in the religion which they are accustomed to they would know passages which describes gaining knowledge and wisdom, and anything truthful from any source is appropriate.

This same argument applies to those who do not believe in God. All that is necessary is for a person to look to see if the knowledge spoken of makes sense, and is verifiable, in daily life.
Lastly I wish YOU well. For those who choose to take and enrich themselves with the knowledge revealed in this book and apply it to their lives they are sure to gain victory over all forms of lust. I bid you farewell.

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