Recently many newspapers in London were reporting that Google was asked to improve its search engine to remove any references to rape and child pornography.

Are the lawmakers then oblivious to the fact that sexual abuse also includes exposing children to scenes of graphic sexual content? Meaning the lawmakers are allowing children to be sexually abused 24/7 by the lawmakers allowing such graphic sexual content to be accessible to children online.

It is not good enough to block those contents. They should not be on the internet for children to access in the first place. This case is similar to a person delivering alcohol/drugs/etc. to every household, with a note saying that if you are not above 18 do not open contents. but if the child decides to open the package no one stops him.

Next the lawmakers should be taught that the sexual scenes portrayed in various sexual programs are not only unrealistic, but also full of lies and manipulations. They are designed to addict people. They lie about the pleasures they experience and manipulate the minds of the viewers to addict them to something that is not attainable in real life. Thus the regular public will have a high demand for their products, which deliver an experience that cannot be made possible in real life except with great difficulty. If somehow someone manages to recreate the experience in real life he is gambling with his life by catching a variety of sexually transmitted diseases.

The newspapers also have reported of various persons in the media, and government who have had sexual scandals. Many of such similar problems lay dormant until at some point they surface, which gives the newspapers a gradual and plenteous number of scandalous articles to print. So, could it be that some lawmakers do not take this matter of sexual lies and manipulations pervading the internet seriously because some of these lawmakers are hooked fascinated and addicted to seductive sexual misinformation?

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