What is the problem?

I often have my sign with me that says SEX ADDICTION CURE. you can see it here: (link coming) People walking by often say: “I don’t want that fixed”, “I like being addicted”, “there is no problem”, “sex is natural”, etc.

I am in favor of people being aware of the mind manipulations used to powerfully influence their mind to behave more sexually than they would normally. I am in favor of people being in control of their own mind rather than being controlled by others.

These days an exceedingly large section of the population is strongly focused on sex as it is presented in a variety of sexual programs. Personal lives have been damaged through time spent on these sexual fantasies rather than meeting people in actual life to talk and discuss about relationships and progress in understanding and developing real relationships.
Many have lost their jobs or on the brink of losing their jobs the moment they are discovered to have accessed sexual programs on the internet when they should have been working. Marriages are falling apart as well. People’s personal lives are in shambles since many people are riddled with guilt about the strange sexual subject material they are watching online. Many people’ relationship with God is in taters since they feel so awful about what seems to be hypocritical behavior on their part. These people simply do not understand the manipulations in use that affect their mind.


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