Insight 1:
00:00 Silence to be natural at peace and to gather my thoughts on how to approach the subject matter ( Its important for you to know that I am not listening to anything on the headphones. I have them on for using the microphone. in the next videos I learned to place the headphones tucked in my shirt with the mic in front)
01:31 No lust problem as a child
3:14 Lack of knowledge from parents left you unprepared and you developed lust
3:49 Single, married or in a relationship most have this common lust problem
4:21 Many of you are in despair not knowing where to turn to for a solution and you don’t even know if there is a solution, many of you think how could there be a solution since you believe the lust that you experience to be natural
5:35 you feel guilt (guilt will be dealt with
5:45 it disturbs your relationship with yourself and with others.
6:11 at time you feel lust is really right at times you feel lust is really wrong so you are mixed up about it
6:35 There is a solution that makes sense and is practical. There is a science to it and you will learn it thoroughly and through practice
skillfully overcome lust.

8:05 Intro about the Preliminary Info.
9:18 Preliminary info Admit that you do not know whether the information that I have is true or not (be honest)
11:07 Review of how to study the knowledge in the book
13:06 INSIGHT 1
16:55 Example of the growing vine
18:44 First / early information + sexual sensation provides for the mis-information to take hold very strongly on the mind
19:22 Since we undoubtedly experience the power of sexual sensations this gives us the impression of the truthfulness (validity) of the mis-information
20:36 people are less likely to give up their original impressions on any matter including sexual information

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